Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 11

Oooh….Mr. Grey is a buzz kill and so is this chapter!

The first 10 and half pages is THE CONTRACT!

It outlines their roles as Dominant and Submissive, commencement and term, availability, location, service provisions, activities, safe words, and then there are appendixes outlining everything from toys to rules to restraints and more.

Oh but Ana skips over the food portion! Shocker!

Here’s a taste for your pleasure: Adherence to the above warranties, agreements, and undertakings (and any additional limits and safety procedures agreed under clause 3 above) are fundamental to this contract. Any breach shall render it void with immediate effect and each part agrees to be fully responsible to the other for the consequence of any breach.

Huh?  Can we just…like…have sex or something?

After a nine hour nap, Ana wakes up to discover another package being delivered to the door. Mr Grey has bought Ana a computer so she can research being a submissive.  He’s even hired someone to come in and set it up for her and he’s even set up an email account for her already!  When the computer is up and running, Ana goes ga-ga over the fact she’s already got an email in her box from Mr. Grey!

A few pages of their idle email chit chat and then she decides she’ll Google the word Submissive.  Oh no!  Mr. Grey tells her to always start with Wikipedia.  Yeah, cause it’s a reliable source!

José shows up at work – her last week at the hardware store – and takes her to coffee. 4 more pages of emails follow and Ana starts researching….


By the way, going to Wikipedia and typing in “Submissive” leads you to this:

Deference (also called submission or passivity) is the condition of submitting to the espoused, legitimate influence of one’s superior or superiors. Deference implies a yielding or submitting to the judgment of a recognized superior out of respect or reverence. Deference has been studied extensively by political scientists, sociologists, and psychologists.


Hmmm….besides DIY let’s add one more thing to that list of crap Ana knows nothing about!

But had she just Googled “Submissive” she would have found this:

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