Gore Vidal ~ Good-bye History, Hello Memory

Gore Vidal died yesterday. He was 86.

Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams

I have always been jealous of him. He ran around back in the day with all of my heroes: Isherwood, Capote (despite their public feud that ended up in the court room), Williams, and even JFK.  I would have loved to have been his neighbor, sat with him all day and picked his brain about all of them.

Sadly, I’ve never read a single book or essay by the man. But when I read all of his friends, he was always there. He’s in George Plimpton’s book on  Capote.

He wrote the screen play to Williams’ Suddenly Last Summer which I just recently watched.

I’m currently reading Five O’Clock Angels about Williams friendship with Maria St. Just.  Vidal is there too, including the picture of the two of them I’ve posted here.

Vidal was the friend I always ran into at the party, or at least in the books I was reading about all of his friends’ parties.  I always knew he’d be around and make an appearance.  And I guess since he was still alive, having outlived all of them, I never invested much attention on him.

That will change today.  It has to.  I have to at least pay tribute to him and finally read one of his books, don’t I?  It seems only right.

I posted on Twitter today that Christopher, Truman, and Tennessee probably greeted him today with “Hey Bitch, ’bout time you got here! Martini?”  Well, maybe Truman didn’t but I’m sure Tenn had something sassy to say.

Having read him or not, it’s sad to see another literary great gone. History becomes memory, and vice versa I guess.

While I can recall numerous quotes that I’m sure many are re-posting today, I’ve always kept this one in mind which I found years ago on his Wiki page: “It’s easy to sustain a relationship when sex plays no part & impossible, I have observed, when it does.”  Being a gay man myself, I can so relate to that. For more of his great quotes, go here.

Here’s another fav of mine: “Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little.”

And with that I say, who succeeded today, Gore?


Garden Revisited

It’s been so hot. 30+ days of 90+ heat and at least half of those have been 100+ degrees.  We’ve been busy watering to keep everything afloat.  Lots of things are drying out and starting to turn brown.  But with the rain we got this past Sunday, I decided to grab the camera and snap a few shots of things that are doing well in the garden.  You saw the new sunflowers yesterday, so here’s a few other things going on…

First, we’ve still got lots of tomatoes on the vine!  J used up most of his harvest to make a yummy pasta sauce last Saturday.  This has definitely been our best year for tomatoes, all thanks to putting them in the ground this year instead of in pots.

Next, the millet plant that caught my eye at the farmer’s market a month ago is doing great. I was afraid it was too hot for it, but it loves the heat. A pesky squirrel broke off two of the seed pods a few weeks ago. We found them in the yard and I picked them up and added them to my herb wreath. But now there are 4 new seed pods growing.

Speaking of my herb wreath, I’ve added new things to it and it’s close to being done.  Two weeks ago I clipped back all the herbs to keep them from flowering and added the clippings to the wreath along with some more grapevine.  I also added the broken millet seed pods to it.  Leaving it out in the heat has certainly sped up the drying process.