Blog. Money. Health. Write. March 2016.

hello-march-blue-photoBlink. Blink. And just like that, February is gone. I’ve never been a fan of February. It’s the shortest month. It’s all about Valentine’s Day which has never been a special occasion for me. It’s still winter. It’s just one of those blah months I seem to mettle through and this year was no different.

Basically, I did my taxes. I spent the entire month preparing for my busy trade show season at work. And I went to the DMV.  In that order. As far as my resolutions go?  Eh, they might have suffered a bit.  Let’s see how I did.


InBox Dollars Account: $29.32
iBotta Account: $24.20
Receipt Hog Account: $3.54
Primary Savings Account: $40.00
Primary Money Market: $40.00
Credit Union Savings: $55.00
Capitol One Money Market: $176.22
Cash Savings: $52.00
Total: $420.28

My InBox, iBotta, and Receipt Hog accounts each grew a tiny bit and that’s cool.  I’m less than $1 away from being able to cash out my InBox account but I’m not going to plan on doing that. My iBotta account can be cashed out now but I’m going to wait on it too.  Receipt Hog takes the longest to grow but it’s still fun to use.

My primary accounts grew a tiny bit. Not as much as I would have liked but some of my tax return had to go toward a car inspection and renewing my license plates, and I also had two doctor’s bills that arrived in the mail at the end of the month.

My Cap One money market account continues to grow the most thanks to my automatic deposits, and like I’ve said, that account is out of sight and out of mind so I’m not tempted to tap into it.

And cash savings is finally picking up which is a good feeling.

I have to travel for two full weeks in March; one week in the beginning and one at the end. This means less money spent because my company will reimburse me for meals. I also won’t spend as much on gas since I fly and take cabs. So I’m hoping again to take advantage of this and be able to save more. My app accounts and InBox will probably suffer a bit though because I won’t have as much time to give them attention.


Ha!  What’s that?  February wasn’t any better than January, and yeah, I Girl Scout cookies last week.  Sooo….

One positive thing is that I learned about an app on Shark Tank called Sworkit. It’s a personalized exercise app for people on the go who don’t go to the gym. It helps you with stretching, yoga, cardio, and strength.  I thought it was worth a look so I downloaded it to my Kindle and I am looking forward to using it next month when I have to travel for work.

I haven’t given up yet.  Winter is always hard to get motivated. With Spring coming, I know I’ll be getting outside and burning calories and I’m looking forward to making lots of progress in the coming months.

I’m probably going to stop using My Fitness Pal for a while though.  If anything, it’s helped me to control my calorie intake, what to eat, what not to eat, and the like. It’s a challenge to record all of your meals every day though and since March is going to be a very busy month for me, I’m probably going to stop doing it. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my eating habits. I just don’t want to be tied to an app to keep track of my calories.


I spent the entire month of February editing a book I had finished a few years ago. I wrote about it in a blog post just a few weeks ago. That’s one big plus for the month!  I finished my edit and finally sent the book to my editor.  I should have it back by the end of March and then can work on polishing it for publication. As far as new writing projects go everything was pretty much put on hold for the edit, and with the upcoming work travel I usually spend any free time reading so there won’t be much progress made in March either.

So that’s February in a nutshell. Happy Leap Day! See you in April.

Just take those old records off the shelf…

vertical-vinyl-recordsSo I bought a record player.  Yep!  And not the kind you find in a second hand store – that’s where I bought my raspberry beret.

71axzRXL2oL._SL1500_It was an impulse buy.  I was actually shopping for Adele’s new album (25) on Amazon and noticed that it was available in vinyl.  Wha???  I had no idea you could still buy “new” vinyl.  I was intrigued!

So I typed in “record player” on Amazon and found this Jensen model that was the top seller and most reviewed.  It was only around $40 so I bought it.  Then I went back and picked up Adele’s new album on vinyl too.

I was born in the late 70’s and by the time I started embracing music outside of sing-song tunes meant for small children or songs I learned from Sesame Street, the 80’s were halfway over and so was the love of listening to records. I admit it. I was from the cassette generation. And what did that do for us? First, it made music more portable. Remember walkmans? And it gave us options in the car when we didn’t want to listen to the radio.

Cassettes also gave us the chance to record the radio. Remember making mix tapes and how pissed you got at the DJ for talking over the intro music to each song?  Then there was the cassette single.  If you didn’t like the whole album (or didn’t have a enough money) you could buy the single.  I was a single junkie. I remember I had half of someone’s album on singles and a friend asked me why I didn’t just save that money and buy the whole album because I might like it. I didn’t have an answer other than those cool little cardboard sleeves that singles came in each had different covers that were pretty cool.

But just like records, cassettes were delicate and easily damaged. Remember sticking a pencil into the hole to wind it back up, or how pissed you got when your player ate some of the tape and you had to try to pull it out? But with cassettes we also slowly began to sacrifice the quality of sound itself. We made music convenient, but we didn’t make it better, and that holds true with CD’s and MP3’s. Don’t believe me?

Plug your iPod into your car and adjust the bass and treble. Turn both of them up!  You’ll be surprised at all of the little background nuances and melodies you are missing out on through your ear buds. I never really noticed until I got my record player and plugged it up.  I was amazed at the difference in sound quality.  And nothing beats that pop and crackle.

Yeah, it’s nostalgic. I laughed at the thought of getting some milk crates for my “new” record collection. Might as well get some paper lanterns and a papasan chair too, huh? But the older I get, the more I like to reminisce about the good old days and let’s face it, we all have a soundtrack to our lives and chances are your glory days were set to music you played on records.  Eight track folks, that’s another blog post!

So after the player arrived on Saturday, I hit the consignment shop and loaded up with some faves. Call me nuts, but I’ll be buying some more. And I’m not getting milk crates but I did buy some nice wooden record holders that are stackable.

I know why we got away from records and all. Yeah, it’s hard to skip to the next song. You have to flip the record when side 1 is done. One of the new albums I bought is on two records, both sides. One side only has 3 songs on it! You also risk scratching it. Records take up a lot of space too.  They aren’t very portable. But the sound quality is superb and what can I say…it’s fun!

So do yourself a favor and drag your old record collection out of the attic if you haven’t sold it on Craigs List already. And if you don’t have a record player, invest in this one. It’s one of the best impulse buys I’ve made in a long time.


Hello September 2013

Blog. Money. Health. Write. September 2016.

Yep, I’m glad summer is moving on.  I’m ready for fall weather! August and September are usually my least favorite months. I think it’s because they remind me of back-to-school season.  It’s also that time of year for transitioning.  Our yard and garden are a mess.  It’s still too hot outside, and we just have to wait it out.


I only wrote 3 blog posts here in August.  But I wrote 2 additional posts over at Medium.  Medium is a new blogging platform created by the owners of Twitter. I’ve really enjoyed reading articles there each day and becoming a part of the community, so I’ve been blogging there and can definitely see myself doing more there as time goes on.


Nothing too extreme in the money saving department.  Almost all of the accounts grew a little except for cash savings.

InBox Dollars Account: $44.73
iBotta Account: $32.20
Receipt Hog Account: $13.75
Primary Savings Account: $30.00
Primary Money Market: $15.00
Credit Union Savings: $96.00
Capitol One Money Market: $441.61
Cash Savings: $0.00
Total: $673.29


Other than some extreme yard work last weekend that just about killed me, nothing has changed here.  I’m still avoiding stepping on the scale.


I’m not working on a book right now, but I have been penning other stuff.  I wrote 2 songs in August for a musical project that I’ve started with a friend.  And ever since I started doing stand-up again, I’ve been writing a lot in my “joke journal.”  Earlier this week I wrote an entire new 4 minute set which I’m looking forward to testing out at open mic. So, I’m still writing and I still get the rush of writing even from these smaller projects. Right now, I have no desire to work on anything larger.

And that was August.  The eighth month of 2016 is gone.  It’s been a rough year, not just for me, but for all of us I think. It’s been weird.  And I’m trying really hard to remind myself not to stress about the little stuff.  My goals have definitely changed from what I had intended back in January. So what?  I’m okay with that.  Have your goals for the year changed too or are you making progress?

See you in October!


Free Feeling Himself Forgotten

My latest book, Feeling Himself Forgotten, will be FREE on Kindle for 5 days starting tomorrow!

Check it out! Download it! Read it! Review it! Repeat!

Until tomorrow enjoy this video of Tom Petty singing his hit song Free Fallin’ that has nothing to do with my book. It has “free” in the title though and includes a line about vampires…(there are no vampires in my book either).


It’s August. It’s 83 degrees here in St. Louis, a nice reprieve from the triple digits we had just a few weeks ago in July. The end of summer is approaching, and I’m okay with that.

It’s been an odd year for us in the garden. We lost our vegetable garden to rats this year. Mrs. Frisby and her entire family helped themselves to it. We became so frustrated after catching a rat in the traps every day for two weeks that we cleared the garden out to get rid of their food source.

We didn’t plant as many flowers this year because we have too many already. Despite the heat, we still have flowers blooming right now. I just haven’t shared as many pictures this year of them because I haven’t been taking any.

20160806_095833But I did take this picture yesterday that I’m quite proud of. These are surprise lilies, and this is the first time they’ve bloomed since I planted them in 2014.

It was the same time of year as it is now because I remember the lilies were almost done blooming at Dad’s house. My dad had been a resident at the senior center for a full year when we finally decided to give up his trailer knowing that he would not return to it.

He had planted dozens of surprise lilies around the trailer while he lived there. As we finished cleaning the trailer out, I decided to dig up all of the lilies and transplant them at my house. There were over 60 bulbs total, so many that I even gave some to our neighbor.

After returning home, I planted about ten bulbs a day that entire week until they were finally all in the ground. I was hoping to see a yard full of lilies the next year.

Not a single one bloomed last year.

If you are familiar with surprise lilies, you know they shoot up leaves in the spring. The leaves die off in summer and then all of a sudden this single stalk comes up out of the ground in late summer and the lilies bloom at the end of it.

This single stalk started growing up out of the ground last week. It’s the only one out of the 60 or so that I planted that has ever shown itself. I had given up on them after they didn’t grow last year. I thought maybe the bulbs had rotted or maybe I had planted them wrong. By now, I’d forgotten even where they were all planted.

And then this happened, and it made me smile and think of Dad.  It’s been an odd summer, but the flowers are still blooming. The rats ate our garden. It’s hot out. But this one surprise lily has made it all worth it.




Blog. Money. Health. Write. August 2016.

hello augustAnd so here we are again now closer to the end of summer and slowly inching toward the end of another year.  Sigh… I hate this time of year. It’s that weird, in-between phase of transitioning out of summer and into Fall.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Fall!  I just usually hate August and September. I think that’s because it’s scorching hot outside, and it’s back-to-school season which was always a bummer way back when.


I wrote 5 blog posts in July. Most of them were about my stand-up comedy, but I’m okay with that. That’s where most of my creative energy is going these days and I’m okay with that.

Last month I also discovered a website called Medium. It was created by the founders of Twitter and is basically a blogging platform. There’s lots of great posts that I enjoy reading every day and I’ve also started blogging there. I wrote 2 blog posts there in July. You should check it out!


InBox Dollars Account: $41.20
iBotta Account: $32.20
Receipt Hog Account: $12.21
Primary Savings Account: $5.00
Primary Money Market: $5.00
Credit Union Savings: $90.00
Capitol One Money Market: $381.61
Cash Savings: $0.00
Total: $567.22

Well, I lost money in July. As you can see, I have no cash savings.  I also dipped into my primary savings and money market accounts. Sad, I know. But shit happens. I did grow all of the other accounts but I’m still down from July by $24.14.


No reason to waste much time here. It’s too darn hot out there. I don’t even remember the last time I stepped on the scale.


The paperback version of Feeling Himself Forgotten is finally finished and is now available. That was a big weight off my shoulders. I tend to be more creative when it comes to writing in the Fall and Winter months so I’m hoping to start a new project now. And as I mentioned earlier, I’m writing posts over at now too.

And that was July.

Open Mic

Two Shows a Week

Last week I was fortunate enough to do two new open mics in one week for the first time.  And I’m doing two mics this week as well.

Last Tuesday was my first time getting to do open mic at the Helium Comedy Club in Brentwood. It was their first open mic after a hiatus due to a six week long contest so the crowd was small. Helium is nice because they serve food and it’s a very large and upscale place, but they don’t seat people down front and their sound system is a bit muffled since the showroom is so large.

I was having trouble sleeping that week so I had a raging headache that night so I didn’t feel good about my set and left shortly after I was done. It was still a good experience getting to go up on a new stage though.

On Thursday that week I also debuted at the open mic at Hey Guys Comedy Club in Fairview Heights, Illinois. That’s a great venue for that town and only about fifteen minutes from downtown St. Louis. There were ten really strong comics that night so it was a great show.

I also tried out new material, and we each got to do seven minutes instead of the typical four minutes at open mics. The only drawback was the thunderstorms and hail in the area obviously kept people away that night. Besides the comics, we only had three people in the audience.

This week I did Funny Bone’s open mic on Tuesday. I was the next to the last comic to go up, and though we had a nice sized crowd of about thirty people they were a very cold audience. A few comics were bombing so bad that they didn’t even do their full four minutes.  Even the headliners that get squeezed in and do a set throughout the show were bombing. It was a rough night for everyone.

I tried out some brand new jokes that night which did okay.  And I recorded audio of my set to listen to. Playing it back, I was actually surprised at the laughs that I did get so I think I did better than some that night. It just goes to show you never know how the audience is going to be! That’s one thing that makes stand up comedy so appealing to me.

Tonight I’m headed back to Illinois for my very first contest qualifier.  It’s at Hey Guys Comedy Club. Each month they do a contest qualifier. Twenty comics go up and the audience picks the top three or four.  Those who win become semi-finalists in next year’s contest which is held in early spring.

I’ll probably get to do 6 to 7 minutes I’m guessing. I don’t know the details yet.  Even if I don’t make it into the contest, it’s still good experience for me. Most of the clubs hold their contests in the summer.  Helium wrapped up their contest a few weeks ago and Funny Bone is also in the middle of a contest that wraps up next month.  I’ll probably definitely get in on those next year.




I watched Punchline this week, a 1988 film starring Tom Hanks and Sally Field. Many years ago I picked up the VHS tape of it in a bargain bin at K-Mart. I fell in love with the movie and it had a huge influence on my decision to eventually try stand-up comedy myself many years later after moving to Memphis.  Since I recently started doing open mics again just a few months ago, I wanted to watch it again. I have no idea what happened to my VHS tape but thanks to Amazon Video I was able to see it.

Surprisingly, this movie still holds up.  Other than how young Tom Hanks looks, the movie doesn’t necessarily have an old 80’s vibe to it. The jokes told in the film aren’t very dated other than one comedian who carries a large boom box on stage. I know the movie inside and out, but I wasn’t bored by it. You get that feeling sometimes when you watch an old movie again and you suddenly realize that you’ve outgrown it or it just doesn’t feel as good as it did back in the day. It wasn’t dated then, but maybe it is now. Not Punchline. Punchline is still funny.punchline

This movie is two hours long unlike most lackluster comedies today that barely clock an hour and a half and sometimes you think that’s too long. Honestly, Punchline feels like one of those movies because it goes by so fast but that’s because it really is funny and relies on true stand up and comedic situations rather that sight gags or lewd humor.  And the plot line doesn’t get dragged down by ad libbed humor or unnecessary characters. It’s actually quite simple.

Sally Field plays Lilah, a housewife who is trying to make it as a stand-up comic. Tom Hanks plays Steven, a med school dropout who is a pretty regular on the comedy scene. When the two cross paths at a club called The Gas Station, Lilah asks Steven for some tips and feedback.

Steven is hesitant because he’s got his own problems, and Lilah has to juggle her housewife roll.  But she finally commits and so does Steven. What follows is Lilah’s epiphany as she becomes more comfortable on stage and comes alive. There’s a scene where he takes her to a club and won’t let her use her regular jokes and that A-ha! moment is a great scene to watch.

There’s a minor plotline where Steven falls for Lilah, and she almost gives up comedy to make her husband happy. By the way, her husband is played by John Goodman. It’s a small role before he stepped into the role of Dan on the hit show Roseanne, but still a very noteworthy role for him!  You’ll hate Steven through most of the movie, maybe even in the very end, but the story lines are wrapped up beautifully.

I doubt this movie would even be made today. It would be considered too long and probably not obscene enough. It’s interesting to see how Hollywood has changed our tastes in humor through the years and Punchline is a perfect example of what “was” funny in the 80’s.

Also, I think this movie would have to turn into a love story to even try to appeal to an older audience because a younger crowd would have no interest in middle-aged stand-up comedy.  That’s why I think this movie is a classic just the way it is! If you enjoy good clean humor, Tom Hanks and Sally Field deliver in Punchline!



Open Mic

What’s so funny?

This last Tuesday made my 6th STL open mic performance (my 5th one at Funny Bone).  It was the largest crowd so far, but definitely not the best.  The audience was pretty luke warm and the drinking didn’t help as the evening progressed. But, sometimes that happens.  I think most people were having a good time. They just weren’t laughing very loud. There was one woman right down front who looked bored out of her mind.  One comic even called the crowd out and joked about how bad they were!

Most comics that night had a good set, but some didn’t get any laughs at all, or barely any laughs. That’s not good, but that night you really had to blame the audience because the majority of comics were really good. I felt the same way about my set. I recorded audio with my phone and listened to it the next morning and realized I got more laughs that I thought when I was up there. Recording your set definitely helps.

I also had my set video recorded that night.  There’s a nice guy, also a comic, there most nights who will tape you for just $10 and make a DVD for you.  I’ve definitely done better as far as getting laughs goes but that’s a chance you take.  I’ve watched the video a few times now and feel pretty solid about it.  It’s definitely a set I’d do again just as it is.

What do you think?

Another perk about taping (audio and video) is it helps you develop your timing and delivery, while also working on which jokes work and which ones don’t. My “Samantha” joke got lots of laughs two weeks ago when I did it in front of a crowd that was half the size, but on the tape it barely gets any laughs. Another advantage to video is just seeing how you look on stage and how you can improve your stage presence.  I immediately noticed I play with the mic cord too much, something you might not have noticed until now when I pointed it out to you.  But I noticed right away!

I’m also a bit animated on stage and talk with my hands a lot, but that’s just who I am and I’m probably not going to try to change that. I’ll definitely have my set recorded again later on. It’s $10 well spent.  I hope you enjoyed it!


Lemon Balm Limoncello

Happy Independence Day! It’s been a rainy three day weekend for us here in St. Lou so we’ve been taking advantage of the long holiday weekend by processing some of the summer harvest.

Yesterday I shucked corn and bagged it for the freezer. If you read my Urban Gardener 2016 post from a few days ago, you know we lost our own small corn crop to rats this year so we went to the local farmers market on Saturday and bought some ears of corn. By the way, we’ve caught a rat every night this week in the live trap, but that’s a blog post for another day! We also bought green beans and added those to the freezer today.

We fried some zucchini last night for dinner. The rest also went into the freezer and will be quite yummy in soups this winter. I canned pickle relish last weekend and was tempted to do it again today to use up a small batch of some cucumbers we have left.  Instead, I thought I’d try some refrigerator pickles.

I found a recipe on Pinterest which will be ready to eat tomorrow so if we like it, we’ll probably make another jarful of pickles just to use up what’s left. Our homegrown garlic and dill were also put to good use with these pickles. We’ve canned pickles the last three or four years but we are never satisfied with the outcome though we do like the relish. So hopefully these fridge pickles will be better.

Today the house smells like sage, lemon balm, and vodka. I’m just joking about that last one. Vodka has no smell really. I mention sage because I filled up the food dehydrator with it.  We use it quite a bit in the kitchen and it’s time to start harvesting our herbs and drying them. But we don’t dry the lemon balm. This year we’ve been soaking it in vodka!

20160704_125303 (1)That’s right!  Vodka! We’ve lived here for ten years and our neighbors have had lemon balm growing right on the fence line all this time.  We’ve transplanted some into our yard, mostly around other plants to keep rabbits from eating them. They don’t like lemon balm. We’ve never really used lemon balm for anything though other than enjoying the smell of it in the yard and occasionally adding it to sun tea.

About a month ago I came across a limoncello recipe that uses lemon balm instead of actual lemons. Having made limoncello from real lemons many years ago, I enjoy drinking it but the task of making it is long and tedious. This one seemed much easier and worth a shot.

20160704_125327You start by cutting some lemon balm leaves and stems and washing it. The leaves tend to take on a rusty color the older they are. You don’t want to use those. Try to find the fresh, smaller leaves near the top of the plant.

After you wash them, stick a bunch of stems of leaves into a bottle or jar that has a lid. We have a lot of these jars with porcelain stoppers that we bought to make our own herbal vinegars years ago and they are perfect for the limoncello.

After you’ve put a bunch of lemon balm into your container, you fill it with vodka. Any plain, non-flavored vodka will do. No reason to spend a lot of money on it since you are flavoring it. We use 360 Vodka because it comes in a nice bottle that also has a porcelain cap so it can be reused to make and store limocello as well. One bottle of it filled two of our smaller bottles. Be sure all of the leaves are covered with the vodka.

20160704_131453After you’ve filled your bottles, let them sit in a nice cool dark spot for 30 days. I put mine in the back of the pantry. Be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t forget about it. The vodka will take on a dark rusty color as the lemon balm soaks and ages.

After soaking for 30 days, you are ready to add the next ingredient. Add one cup of water to a pan on the stove and turn your stove on low heat. To the water, add one cup of sugar. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. You do not have to let the water come to a boil. You’ll want one cup of this sugar mixture for about every four cups of vodka.

Next, pour the vodka that’s been soaking up the lemon balm into the water, minus any lemon balm leaves or stems. Stir well, making sure the sugar is dissolved and then rebottle it. You now have limoncello! It’s rusty color will be diluted a bit but it’s ready to drink!

And believe me, hot or cold it is yummy!  It tastes like lemon drop candy. We liked it so much we went out today and bought two more bottles of vodka and started three more batches!



Blog. Money. Health. Write. July 2016.

Hello_july_fireworksHere we are again!  It’s July already and time for my monthly update. I blogged quite a bit in June. There were 6 posts total including my June update. I’m already thinking about some posts I want to write in July.


All of my accounts grew in June except for cash savings. I dipped into it for various reasons so it’s down. I’m really excited about my apps, Receipt Hog and iBotta. They are steadily growing.

I forgot, again, to schedule money to transfer to my Capitol One Money Market account so I transferred a tiny bit a few days ago, and while I was signed in I went ahead and scheduled transfers for the next three or four months so I won’t have to worry about forgetting again. Here are my totals:

InBox Dollars Account: $38.06
iBotta Account: $31.45
Receipt Hog Account: $10.33
Primary Savings Account: $65.00
Primary Money Market: $30.00
Credit Union Savings: $80.00
Capitol One Money Market: $321.52
Cash Savings: $15.00
Total: $591.36


Well, not much to report here…good news anyway. I threw my food journal away. I wasn’t referencing it like I should and just wasn’t seeing the benefit of doing it. So, yep, I pitched it in the trash one day. That means I need to start over and start something new to motivate me.

Haven’t started walking again and now it’s too hot to do it. I haven’t gained any weight though which is good, but I could still stand to lose some. So other than watching what I eat, I’m not sure what my focus will be, if any, during the next few months.


Today marks the Ebook release of my fifth book: Feeling Himself Forgotten. It will be available in paperback later this month.

As I said last month, I decided not to work on any new projects until I got this book done.  I’m still not sure what new writing project I’ll start on, but I’ll know when the time comes.

That’s it for now. See you again next month.  Summer is here! Enjoy!

Open Mic

Sunglasses and mic stands

Last night was my 4th time getting to go up at Funny Bone. Only 20 people signed up so they let all 20 of us go up as long as we stuck to our time (4 minutes) and kept a tight show.

Though the show went smoothly overall and wrapped up by about 9:15pm, there was one newcomer who ran way over! He probably ended up doing close to 5 minutes, and none of it was funny. Poor guy. He had not indicated that he was completely new to open mic, but I can’t imagine he’d done it much before, if at all.

He wore sunglasses on stage and didn’t move the mic stand out of the way. Like I said, none of his set was funny either.  I almost felt sorry for him. It was more comical to see the guys in the back waving the light like crazy trying to let him know his time was over. The emcee finally rushed up on stage and took the mic from him. The guy left the club right after.

Other highlights were an 18 year old who also wasn’t new to the scene but this was my first time seeing him. He did okay though his jokes were a bit morbid, and he plugged his YouTube channel at the end which usually gets frowned upon. There were two teachers who went up, both doing teacher jokes which were absolutely hysterical. I was impressed by both. And one female comic who also did very well in my opinion.

It was kind of a stiff crowd, but there were two women down front who were clearly having a good time. They had loud cackling laughter which was a bit contagious and all the comics played to them. They got up to go to the restroom right before one comic and he even commented that his set was going to go bad now because they had left.

I was last on the list so I got to play headliner you could say! I did all new jokes except for my opener. Most of my set was about Taylor Swift and it did okay.  I’ll probably do it again at some point but next I really want to put together a strong set using some jokes from my last few mics that went over really well. I squeezed in an ad lib last night from the previous week that did really well and it got some laughs again, so it’s definitely worth repeating.

The semi finals of the competition at the Helium Comedy Club started last night so it will be wrapping up soon and open mic will return there. I’m still hoping to get time on that stage at some point, hopefully in July!