Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 12

Ana goes for a run (for the first time in her life).  All that bitching about exercise before with Mr. Grey and now this, Ana?  Really?

She comes back and sends Mr. Grey an email that says: Okay, I’ve seen enough. It was nice knowing you.

She thinks this is being funny.  I don’t get the humor, and apparently neither does Mr. Grey because he shows up at her apartment almost as quick as he traced her cell phone call that night at the bar!

He ties her to the bed post with that infamous tie again, pulls up her tee shirt to cover her eyes, and then he apparently goes and asks Kate for a glass of wine – half naked himself of course!  He comes back and gets all touchy feely with his mouth and the wine. Sip! Sip!

A foil packet magically appears on the nightstand. He removes the blind fold and they do the nasty for a page or two. Between her whimpers and moans, she’s wondering what Kate thinks in the other room.

Throughout all this he says “Isn’t this nice?”  over and over again. But when it’s all over and she says “That was really nice,” he taunts her. Umm…who kept saying how nice it was while you were doing her, dude?!

Ana says she’d like to talk to someone about the whole submissive thing and Mr. Grey offers to contact one of his exes for her.  How classy!

He leaves, and she emails him her notes and concerns on the contract.  And I must say – her notes are pretty thorough.  Wow!  I’m impressed.  You go, gurl!

Concerning the “Rules,” she says – Food. I am not eating food from a prescribed list. The food list goes or I do – deal breaker.  This bitch really doesn’t like food.

She also wants to try it out for only one month, not three.  And he can’t have her every weekend.  Umm..okay.  So you’ll learn how to be a submissive every other Saturday for two weeks?  She only wants to sleep for six hours and she reminds him about the three hours of exercise, instead of four. Oh, and no flogging or whipping or spanking, okay?

Needy bitch!


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