Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 10

I will always beat you! With a wire hanger!!

This chapter has a lot going on and at the same time, not much of anything really happens.

The two scurry to get dressed so they can rush to meet Mommy Dearest: Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey.  Boring!

Mommy asks how they met. Boring small talk about the interview and then she leaves.

Christian later admits Mommy is probably just happy to see him with a girl because Mommy thought he was gay.  Hmm..maybe Kate wasn’t wrong for wanting to ask that in the interview after all.

They stop for lunch, but guess what?  Ana’s not hungry.

She asks him what vanilla sex is.  He explains. She thought it was “chocolate fudge brownie sex that (they) had, with a cherry on the top.”  Well, the cherry part is right.

He then explains that he was once the submissive of one of his mother’s friends. He was seduced when he was fifteen! No wonder he likes to flog chicks these days!

Christian drives Ana back to her apartment in Portland, and drops her off with a copy of the “contract.”  He encourages her to get on the computer and do some research.  Umm..this girl can’t even help do-it-yourselfers at a hardware store!  You want her to do research on a computer??

Ana cooks dinner for her and Kate because she’s starving!  Umm…yeah bitch you had plenty of chances to eat with Mr. Grey but you didn’t want to seem like a pig! Kate and Ana pack up their apartment to get ready to move to Seattle. They giggle and talk about boys and how awful Kate’s first time was. Ana recalls how sensual the sex was with Christian.  Umm, excuse me, Ana, were you there?  Were you paying attention?  This man has canes hanging on the wall!  I think you have the wrong idea of sensual.

Oh yeah, and José calls and wants to see Ana and apologize.  Get a clue, José, you don’t stand a chance against Mr. Grey! Chances are you are too vanilla.

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