Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 85-90, 2017



  1. Made breakfast.
  2. Did laundry.
  3. Finished reading “I’m Dying Up Here.”
  4. Grocery shopped.
  5. Started watching the third season of Frankie and Grace.
  6. Watched Walking Dead.


  1. Had lunch with a coworker who is retiring on Friday.
  2. Started reading Comedy at the Edge, another book about the rise of comedy in the 70’s.
  3. Watched more of Frankie and Grace.


  1. Was awake at 4am just lying there, but then Mario got us up at 5am anyway.
  2. Packed for the Orlando trip.
  3. Finished Frankie and Grace.


Flew to Orlando for work on Wednesday. The trade show was that afternoon for 3 hours. Went to dinner with a vendor that night. The show was all day Thursday. Packed up that night. Flew back Friday afternoon.



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