Snack Foods for Dieters ~ Part 4

I’ve blogged about Yogurt before when I first tried the Prairie Farms Yogurt thanks to B2G1F coupons a while back.  I stopped buying for a while and went back to Yoplait because there always seems to be a coupon for that every week.  I think the shape of the Prairie Farms container is more user friendly than Yoplait, and it’s actually more dieter friendly too if, like me, you count calories in your diet.

Prairie Farms only has 90 calories per serving, and Yoplait ranges from 100 up to 140 per container. Prairie Farms also has no cholesterol, whereas most Yoplait flavors have 1%. Yoplait is also slightly higher in carbs and sugar by 1 to 2%. Prairie Farms is only slightly higher in sodium.

So, you’d think I’d buy more Prairie Farms than Yoplait, right?  Why don’t I?  The price.  It really only comes down to cents but since I am a huge coupon clipper, I tend to lean where the coupon is.  Yoplait does have more flavors to choose from too. I like the variety, but tend to lean more toward vanilla or cherry flavors in the end.

This past week I only bought Yoplait flavors that were 110 calories or less though.  I eat at least one yogurt every weekday when I first get to work, and often will have one as a snack on the weekend. Despite the sugar, carbs, and sodium (which are all generally low) everywhere you check will tell you that yogurt is very good for you.

Is yogurt part of your diet or do you eat it on a regular basis?  If so, what brand do you prefer and why?


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