Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 100-104, 2017



Started watching a new series called Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix starring Drew Barrymore.


Skipped open mic since inventory is Wednesday and I have to go in early.


We had inventory this week at work which made for a long day on Wednesday which was the first day of counting. Finished watching Santa Clarita.


Inventory was over by 10am.  Went to open mic at Hey Guys. There was a great crowd and I ended up having a great set. Got offered a feature spot for two shows on May 6th.


Left work early today. Slow day. I’m on vacation next week and am headed to Tennessee for a week with the family.


Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 99, 2017



  1. Read
  2. Finished laundry
  3. Went shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for another salt lamp for our bedroom. Tuesday morning was out of them.
  4. First stop of the year at a Farmers Market for veggies and things.
  5. Chicken Tenders and a side salad for lunch.
  6. Worked in the yard – cleaned out the pond and did some weedeating.
  7. Chicken for dinner also.
  8. Watched the new Star Wars movie.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 94-95, 2017



Didn’t make the list at open mic so I came home and we watched two more episodes of The Returned on Netflix.


Watched one more episode of The Returned before I had to leave for the Helium show. We had a smaller audience this time but still just as good. I found out when I got there they were letting me do 8 minutes. I had a solid set and was happy with it.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 91-93, 2017


  1. I’m glad it’s April now. Always one of my favorite months. It was a nice feeling turning the calendar today.
  2. Bought groceries.
  3. Paid bills.
  4. Soaked some black beans to make a pot for the week.
  5. Read.
  6. Had lunch at Chick Fil A.
  7. Bought one of those salt lamps everyone is raving about.
  8. Watched Jay Mohr’s Netflix special.


  1. Woke up early again thanks to the dogs.
  2. Slow cooked the black beans for a three day meal.  Beans the first day. With salad the next. In soup on the third.
  3. Baked some chicken breasts for the week.  We’re going to try to start eating healthier now that spring is here.
  4. Worked on a song for Sha’Dam!
  5. Read.
  6. Watched the season finale of Walking Dead.


  1. Back to work. Busy day playing catch up from being out last week.
  2. Cereal for dinner.
  3. Started watching The Returned on Netflix.
  4. Sha’Dam! practice. Started working on 2 new songs.

Words To Live By

For those who know me better than others, you are aware that death has haunted me for quite some time now.

I wrote about it in my book Dickinstein which came out in October 2013.

We lost my grandmother on Christmas Day 2014.

Three months later my step-father passed away.

2016 was the worst when we lost numerous heroes from George Michael on Christmas Day; Carrie Fisher, Richard Adams, Alan Thicke, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and John Glenn all in December. Janet Reno, Florence Henderson, Fidel Castro and Leon Russell in November. Gene Wilder in August. Muhammad Ali and Anton Yelchin in June. Alan Young (and Harambe the Gorilla) in May. Prince in April. Gary Shandling and Patty Duke in March. Harper Lee in February. David Bowie and Alan Rickman in January.

My heart also broke when we lost one of our beloved dogs in November last year.

Two of my long time pen pals also passed last year.

And then I lost my Dad on December 4th.

We lost another dog last month. And now John’s grandfather is close to the end.

I wanted to write this year, possibly another book, but haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. It’s hard to focus. Even this year on my blog I’ve barely managed to keep it alive by posting a quick log of each day, mostly mundane tasks I accomplish each day from what I had to eat to what I watched on TV. I’m getting bored with that so I know any readers I have are probably bored too.

I’ve been keeping this blog for a little over 10 years I think. I admit it’s always lacked focus. I’ve spent lots of time talking about writing, or reviewing books. I spent a year posting a pic a day. I tried writing a serial novel where I shared a chapter a week. I occasionally posted humorous antidotes or whatever was on my mind. Most of the stuff that really means anything to me has been kept private. I’ve even tried starting other blogs to focus on things but none of those ever worked out either.

But I’m going to try again.

I’m going to start work on some “op-ed” pieces just to get into the habit of at least writing something. They will be short stories, mostly nonfictional about my life and such.

I’m going to post them on a blog I started two years ago and never got far with: The Capote Review. So, if you are interested in reading them, check out that blog and add it to your reading list. I hope to at least post one a week. I’ve already posted my first blog post there today. There are 9 other blog posts still there from 2014 and 2015 if you want to read those too.

As for this blog, I’ve debated on making it entirely private by the end of this year and calling it quits. For now, I’ll continue with my Lone Writer’s Log Book posts for the entire year so I can at least feel like I have accomplished something.



Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 85-90, 2017



  1. Made breakfast.
  2. Did laundry.
  3. Finished reading “I’m Dying Up Here.”
  4. Grocery shopped.
  5. Started watching the third season of Frankie and Grace.
  6. Watched Walking Dead.


  1. Had lunch with a coworker who is retiring on Friday.
  2. Started reading Comedy at the Edge, another book about the rise of comedy in the 70’s.
  3. Watched more of Frankie and Grace.


  1. Was awake at 4am just lying there, but then Mario got us up at 5am anyway.
  2. Packed for the Orlando trip.
  3. Finished Frankie and Grace.


Flew to Orlando for work on Wednesday. The trade show was that afternoon for 3 hours. Went to dinner with a vendor that night. The show was all day Thursday. Packed up that night. Flew back Friday afternoon.



Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 84, 2017



  1. Had coffee and cereal while John went hiking with a friend.
  2. Picked up meds at vet for Riley.
  3. Worked on my set list for tonight’s show and went over it several times.
  4. Had Chick-Fil-A for lunch.
  5. Went to Tuesday Morning.
  6. Spent the afternoon reading until time to leave for the show.
  7. Had dinner at the restaurant with friends before the show.
  8. The show was good. About 30 people in attendance and I felt good about my set overall.
  9. Was home and in bed by 11.