Snack Food for Dieters ~ Part 5

I’m ending this segment by talking about breakfast bars.  This is another snack that I generally buy based on coupons.  Over the past few years I’ve tried several brands and the only one that has really remained a constant is the Fiber Plus bar by Kellogg’s.  As a coworker once said, they taste like candy!

I recently tried the Market Pantry (Target Brand) Fiber Bar and it just didn’t compare in flavor or texture.  I tend to like a softer gooier bar. I do not like dry crunchy bars!

I checking nutrition facts, most bars (any brand) average about 8g of sugar, 50mg of sodium, and zero cholesterol and fat.  Most bars I’ve bought average about 120 to 140 calories per bar.

This week I tried Kashi Bars for the first time.  I bought a box of the Cranberry Walnut Fruit & Grain and also the Pumpkin and Pecan.  While I like the jelly-like substance on top which adds a nice flavor, the bars themselves are still a bit too crunchy for me. I do not know if I’d try them again although I am anxious to try the Kashi Go Lean cereal.

I usually include a breakfast bar as a snack only once or twice a week.  What about you?  Is there a particular breakfast bar that you just can’t live without?  If so, what brand and why?

Check my blog tomorrow where I’ll recap some of these snacks I’ve been blogging about for the past 5 days and show you some of my daily meal plans.

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