Updates from the Fish Room Part 2

It’s been a while since my last “fish” post so I thought I’d share a few things. Both ten-gallon minnow tanks now have their bio sponge filters, glass hoods, and upgraded LED lighting and they look great! I also added some new fish to the tanks a week ago.

Black Friday weekend I placed my first order from aquaticarts.com. I’ve had a ton of fun shopping on their website and reading about fish for several weeks now. They had a great coupon on Cyber Monday so I finally placed an order. I bought two more shrimp for the five-gallon, three yellow mystery snails for the ten gallons, and three types of nano fish. I had anticipated putting at least one type of fish in the bowl on my work desk, but those plans changed.

A week passed before my shipment could get out, but it finally shipped Next Day Air and arrived last Tuesday. I kept watching the tracking number all day, fully intending to rush home on my lunch hour to start acclimating the new fish. Nope! The package didn’t arrive until 8pm that night. So I had to put the fish intended for my nano-bowl into one of my regular ten-gallon tanks for the night, and I decided to just leave them there. I split the other two types of fish between the two minnow tanks in anticipation of combining everyone in the new large 36 gallon after the holidays.

Here’s what I bought:

Untitled I ordered six of these FORKTAIL/FURCATA BLUE EYE RAINBOWFISH.

They only get about 2.5 inches big in size. They are super cute and the ones I received are definitely adolescents, but their yellow fins and bright blue eyes look great in the tank.




I also ordered six of these RED NEON BLUE EYE RAINBOWFISH.

They average about 1.5 inches in size. Mine are much smaller and not yet showing their orange color, but their blue eyes also look nice in the tank.



Untitled2Then I ordered just three of these EMERALD DWARF RASBORA.

These were the fish I wanted for my nano-bowl at work, but I’m glad I kept them at home. They will also grow to about 1.5 inches in size. Mine are super tiny but already starting to show their stripes. I’ll probably end up buying another three.


All of the fish are doing great! The snails and shrimp are doing fine too. I was super impressed with the way the shipment was packaged. The fish were double bagged and had lots of padding, including a styrofoam inner box and a disposable heating pad. The snails were packed in a wet paper towel inside a plastic container. I received 1 extra of each of the fish, 1 extra shrimp, and 5 snails total. I’ll definitely buy from Aquatic Arts again and I’ve already got my heart set on these licorice gouramis.

After the holidays, I’ll start setting up the 36 gallon and all of these fish and the white cloud minnows will be combined into it. More to come…

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