36 Gallon Prep Time!

5292480 My new 36 gallon tank and stand are waiting patiently in our guest room, but I’m already planning its set-up. The tank’s permanent home will be in the dining room which will require some rearranging of furniture, and the Xmas tree will have to come down. Where will the tree go next year? Who knows?!

This tank will become the new home of all of the white cloud minnows I saved from my pond, about two dozen total. I also have  3 golden white clouds I had bought more recently. I had intended to put them in the nano-bowl, possibly even the one I set up on my desk, but that never happened.

I have 7 cory bottom dwellers that will also be moved into this tank. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of these fish, the minnows and the corys, together. I couldn’t resist adding a few more nanofish to the mix, so I have two types of rainbow fish on their way to me, six of each type. I’m hoping they arrive next week. I’ll see how they interact with the minnows first.

As for set up, I’ll be using the Fluval Stratum for substrate in the bottom of this tank, dragon stone and spider wood for decoration, Monte Carlo and java fern for plants, and some other plants along the way. I don’t want to empty out all of the plants from my two 10 gallons, but if that happens, so be it.

I also want to add a black background to the back of the tank. This will help with light for the plants, and I love the black background on the 5 gallon already so I think it will really make it stand out.

I’ll be using a large bio sponge on this tank. I’ve been well pleased with those on my 10 gallons which I recently upgraded. They are so much better than cartridge filters. I’ve already ordered a larger bio sponge for the new tank. Two large pieces of spider wood were purchased last weekend, and I bought 10 lbs. of dragon stone online today. That leaves the substrate to buy which I’ll probably get in the next few weeks, and more plants to get after Christmas.

I hope to have the tank up and cycling by January 1st! More to come…

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