New Year, New Book

I started writing a new book in early August of last year!

I pounded out about 35,000 words in Google Docs before I got stuck. I didn’t know where to take the story next.

But I didn’t want to stop writing. So what did I do?

I printed out what I’d written so far and decided to start over. Using that first draft, I started at the beginning and retyped everything in MS Word. I added to the story as I went along, fixed things, did proofreading, and flushed out other parts of the story that were lacking.

As of today, I’ve reached the end of that first draft. I only ended up adding about another 5,000 words to it though. So now what?

I honestly don’t know how this book is going to end, and I’m 40,000 words short of getting there. I typically aim for 80,000 words when I’m writing a book. So yeah, I’m only halfway there.

But that’s okay.

I’ve been writing something before with no end on the horizon, and I just figure it out or it comes to me. That’s one of the joys of writing. Sometimes you have an idea in mind (or you don’t), but the characters just take over and tell you what’s going to happen.

Even though I don’t know yet how this story is going to end, I’m still excited about it and it gives me great joy to sit down and work on it every morning.

So you are probably wondering what this new book is about?

I’ll save all the details for another blog post, but I can say it’s a ghost story. Back in August 2018, my old next door neighbor’s house burned in Memphis. She no longer lived in the house, but an old friend had sent her a photo which she shared on Facebook. In the post, she mentioned the house had been haunted, something she’d never shared with me when we were neighbors.

This got me to thinking about who the ghost might have been, and so I began writing a story about a woman who moves into a house and discovers it’s haunted and begins doing research to try to find out who the ghost is.

It’s more than just a ghost story though. There’s a lot in the book about the effects a home has on our lives, or on different people who inhabit it. I’m also exploring the subjects of haunted objects and even gentrification.

There are three main characters in the story all connected by the house, but they are also connected by another building in the story which was used in three different ways throughout the story lines, one for each character.

So it’s a new year. And I’m writing a new book. And I’m really excited about that.

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