January’s Gone

Hard to believe January is already gone, but that just means we are one month closer to spring. There’s always something to look forward to. Here’s how my January went…

I started the new year with bronchitis, and even still have a slight cough today. It’s lingered on since the weekend before Christmas, but it isn’t nearly as bad now as it was those first few weeks of the new year. But I haven’t let that stop me from having a great year so far.

Being sick, comedy got put on hold. I only did one open mic in January. But I did manage to do two paid showcases which was nice. I’m looking forward to getting back out there in February..

I finished reading The Kids in the Hall bio by Paul Myers. I also reread Mary Oliver’s Why I Wake Early after she passed away on January 17th. I started reading Michelle Obama’s book, and for some reason this past week I started reading The Gold Finch – again! I’d tried reading it several times and never got very far but I’m really enjoying it this go around. I guess all the other times it just wasn’t the book I was meant to read at that moment. The book definitely chooses the reader when it’s ready.

Speaking of Mary Oliver, I’ve been so inspired by rediscovering her poems, I decided to make it a daily goal of mine to read or write poetry every day. I started on January 19th and reached my goal every day but once. I even completed 4 poems of my own during that time.

And speaking of setting goals, I downloaded a new app at the beginning of the year that I’m really enjoying. It’s called Goal Tracker. You set a goal and how often you want to do it and then you check off each day with either a bright blue check mark if you did it or a red X if you didn’t. It’s really fun. I set 4 goals so far: poetry, jokes, read, and write.

I’ve been doing other writing too. Still plugging away at the book I started in August. I finished with the rewrite of the first draft mid January. Minus the first 9 days of January from being sick, I worked on the book every day of the month except 1. I have almost 45K words so far and I still don’t know how the book is going to end.

That’s it for me. Turn that calendar and let’s do this, but before we do, how was your January?

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