Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 68, 2017

Thursday – Day 8 in Utah

Checked out of the hotel at noon. Drove to the Great Salt Lakes which was breath taking. Then went back into the city and drove into the mountains to sight see. Checked out a few parks and the capital and visitor center, but mostly just drove around looking at all the nice homes up in the mountains.

Went to the airport at 6. Check in and Security were a breeze with no line. Had dinner and then only had to wait about an hour for the plane. The plane was a newer model that played music while loading and unloading, and had TV’s on the back of the seats for you to play games and watch movies. Even the emergency announcements were played via video on the TV instead of a flight attendant going through the motions.

I spent the 3 hour flight working on jokes and listening to music. Best plane I’ve ever been on.

I was home and in bed by 1am!

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