Blog. Money. Health. Write. September 2016.

Yep, I’m glad summer is moving on.  I’m ready for fall weather! August and September are usually my least favorite months. I think it’s because they remind me of back-to-school season.  It’s also that time of year for transitioning.  Our yard and garden are a mess.  It’s still too hot outside, and we just have to wait it out.


I only wrote 3 blog posts here in August.  But I wrote 2 additional posts over at Medium.  Medium is a new blogging platform created by the owners of Twitter. I’ve really enjoyed reading articles there each day and becoming a part of the community, so I’ve been blogging there and can definitely see myself doing more there as time goes on.


Nothing too extreme in the money saving department.  Almost all of the accounts grew a little except for cash savings.

InBox Dollars Account: $44.73
iBotta Account: $32.20
Receipt Hog Account: $13.75
Primary Savings Account: $30.00
Primary Money Market: $15.00
Credit Union Savings: $96.00
Capitol One Money Market: $441.61
Cash Savings: $0.00
Total: $673.29


Other than some extreme yard work last weekend that just about killed me, nothing has changed here.  I’m still avoiding stepping on the scale.


I’m not working on a book right now, but I have been penning other stuff.  I wrote 2 songs in August for a musical project that I’ve started with a friend.  And ever since I started doing stand-up again, I’ve been writing a lot in my “joke journal.”  Earlier this week I wrote an entire new 4 minute set which I’m looking forward to testing out at open mic. So, I’m still writing and I still get the rush of writing even from these smaller projects. Right now, I have no desire to work on anything larger.

And that was August.  The eighth month of 2016 is gone.  It’s been a rough year, not just for me, but for all of us I think. It’s been weird.  And I’m trying really hard to remind myself not to stress about the little stuff.  My goals have definitely changed from what I had intended back in January. So what?  I’m okay with that.  Have your goals for the year changed too or are you making progress?

See you in October!


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