365 of Me: 336/29


No, that isn’t a broken car window. It’s the ice that greeted us on Monday, December 1st, except there was an entire sheet of it covering the entire car. It took a good fifteen minutes to get the car warmed up before I could even attempt to break through the ice so I could see out the windows.

Of course, everyone else had the same problem too. Lots of traffic. Lots of accidents. Lots of school closings. Lots of traffic reports were busy reporting all of it on TV and radio.

Ice is probably the one thing I hate about winter here in the Midwest. It is dangerous. It can take down power lines. It causes accidents. And my biggest fear is falling on ice!

Our last biggest outage due to ice was 2007. The power was out for 4 days. We put food from the fridge outside on the porch! We used our gas stove for heat and slept on the kitchen floor. Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of that anytime soon.

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