365 of Me: 335/30


One more pic from old Main Street. It’s the old Train Station where lots of other people were crowded to take photos but nothing was really going on. It’s still a nice sight along the river front, but kind of back stage to all the goings-on on Main Street.

I snapped this photo as we were leaving. J and I even commented on how rude people seemed to be on Saturday while we were shopping. They wouldn’t get out of the way or move to their right side of the side walk. Or they were just standing around in the way. Or cutting in front of you and not letting you get out of the shops. Yeah, it was crowded, but people just weren’t nice about it. People out in public are definitely one of those things that kind of ruin the holidays for me by the time mid-December gets here!


    • Thanks for the review! I am so glad you liked the book. It always means a lot to me when someone takes the time to share their thoughts on my work. I hope you’ll consider posting it on Amazon?

      Concerning the car, I was thinking of the early German engineers who experimented with engines prior to Benz who patented what we think of as the first car around 1885, although my description obviously wouldn’t match to those early cars.

      As for electricity, it’s definitely an anomaly that I probably included for the sake of the events that happen at the train station later, but as you know from having read it, Emily and the Master came up with a better plan for bringing life back to the dead.

      On another note, I’m so pleased you thought Wadsworth was the Master. In real life, it is believed that he might have been so I wanted to purposely confuse the reader into thinking he might have been in the book. But….it could have been her Biology teacher who would have known a little bit more about science, perhaps? 🙂


  1. You know, you DID confuse me with that; at one point, I started to go back to see if I had misunderstood and it was the teacher instead, but then i didn’t, cos i was (and am) convinced it was Wadsworth. I kind of like the way you did that!

    I think Amazon will only allow reviews of books purchased through them, and mine was a gift. Otherwise, I would. I truly did love your book!

    • I’m glad to have confused you! 🙂 Because of Wadsworth and Emily’s real life relationship, he had to be in the book! But I didn’t really know what to do with him so he is kind of that catalyst for religion, giving Emily that struggle between religion and science. But it was important for me to make the readers think he could have been the Master too. I loved writing the part where he comes back to visit her later and looks at her closet door.

      Amazon will allow anyone to post a review as long as you have account. It doesn’t have to be a verified purchase.

      Thanks again!

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