365 of Me: 255/111


I drove home to Tennessee on Friday for my Mom’s birthday weekend. My Dad is in a senior citizen’s home and has been there since March when he fell and broke his pelvic bone. When I saw Dad in July, they were moving him to a new hall where he’d have a roommate. It wasn’t a good visit because the center wasn’t being very swift about moving his things so he was a bit upset. My sister and I even went to his old room and collected most of his things for him, including his TV. Unfortunately, my Dad’s new roommate was bed ridden and died shortly after. Dad was then moved across the hall to another room with another roommate, who I met for the first time on Friday. He’s a sweet man named Ben. This is the view from my Dad’s window. It isn’t much, but he has a bird feeder and I’m sure there are other wild life he can observe at times.

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