On My Way Home…

rat…and on my way to work I drive by a business currently being picketed by a Union laborer with a giant inflatable rat on the sidewalk each morning. Yep, you’ve probably seen the rat out and about. Read about the rat here. 

It’s used to picket companies that hire non-union contractors. This business I drive by each morning is having a new roof installed.

Today I saw the rat and it made me think of “gym rats” and how I want to start back going to the gym next year.  I’m thinking about joining a different gym this time which is closer to my work.

“Gym rat” made me laugh to myself and it made me wonder if Union laborers ever picket gyms that don’t allow “gym rat” like people to work out there because of their no-attitude type policies and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Probably not, but it could happen. These inflatable rats are pretty hefty looking though and could stand to lose a few pounds, so maybe hitting the gym wouldn’t be such a bad idea for them.

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