Gaga’s bitch

Cause this is Thrilla....Thrilla night....

So, I’ve been thinking about this all day and I’m sure you have too.  Did you notice Elton John was pretty dressed down last night on the Grammy’s when he sang with Lady Gaga?  Maybe ole Elton has finally met his match when it comes to Liberace-like attire.

I mean if you compare it to what he wore when he sang a few years ago with Eminem, it’s like Gaga told Elton, “You better not upstage me bitch!”

And then Elton said, “The bitch is back!”

And Gaga said “Oh no she’s not, and just for that, I’m making you wear dirt on your face.”

And Elton said he liked it dirty, but he misunderstood.

Gaga felt bad so she let him wear some sparkly glasses and a dangly galaxy earring but it just didn’t do anything to help him stand out like he normally does.

Whose ya bitch now?

No body upstages Gaga.  Only a fist of pianos could keep them from ripping each other  apart.  But Gaga didn’t know Elton likes fists. 😉

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