I smell the situation….

I don’t watch MTV’s Jersey Shore.  Instead, like everyone else, I just Google phrases like “shirtless MTV guido boys” and see what images pop up. Today on Sirius, I heard Mike “The Situation” from JS is planning to launch a cologne called the “Sitch.” I wonder if it will be a cigar-sy blend of pasta and gym sweat, maybe with a touch of hair gel and white tank tops (whatever they smell like).

Smells like Joysey Spirit!

I’d buy it.

From Digital Spy:

Jersey Shore star Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has revealed that he is launching his own cologne.

The reality star, who served as Access Hollywood‘s red carpet correspondent at last night’s Grammy Awards, told the show that his fragrance will be named ‘Sitch’.

“Who wouldn’t buy a cologne called Sitch by Situation? It’s in the beginnings right now, but it should be coming out hopefully in the next couple months,” he said.

Sorrentino added that he is “pretty spontaneous” when it comes to buying his own colognes, explaining: “I don’t even know, as soon as I find something that I like, I’ll say, ‘That’s it! That is The Situation’, and we’ll grab it.”

MTV recently confirmed that Jersey Shore will return for a second season this summer.

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