365 of Me: 227/139


Woke up to a rainy day here in the Lou. It’s nice and peaceful and somber. This is the view from my office, sitting at my desk and looking out the window. That alien thing outside the window is a red canna.  I dug some of these up a few years ago from Mom’s house in Tennessee and planted them along the front of the house in the back of the flower bed.  They’ve come back every year and we even transplanted some two years ago so they’d stretch along the entire length of the bed.  For about the last three years, they’ve actually bloomed. You can’t see it in this picture very well but if you look close you’ll see a tall thin stem extending upward. It had a few red blooms at the top a few days ago, but now they are faded. I meant to take a photo of them, since this one is the only one to have bloomed so far, but I forgot.  We love their dark color, and you know fall is approaching as the cannas get taller. When they first sprout in the spring, bug tends to eat holes in the leaves as they unfold. So, as the leaf continues to unfold there ends up being a perfected row of holes, all the same size, directly across the tip of the leaf which stay there as the plant grows.  It reminds me of tribal tattooing or scarring every year.

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