The Urban Gardener: Deck Revisited

It’s been a while since I posted an Urban Gardener update.  That’s because it’s been so freaking hot outside and we’ve just been running up the water bill trying to keep everything alive.  Thankfully the hot weather is creeping away and we are about to be in the 80s.

As you know from a few weeks ago, we tore down our deck this month.  Our plans were to build a multi-tier flower bed in its place, but after we added up the cost of the bricks, we changed our minds.

Instead, we invested in those rubber paver mats that look like brick.  They were a bit pricey, but cheaper than all the brick that would have been required for the flower bed project.  Last weekend we also dug up and moved the large bunch of pampas grass. That was not fun, especially since the grass had been growing there for about 5 years.

In October, we’ll dig up the Banana trees.  They will be brought inside for the winter and then relocated to a new spot next Spring.

Our plans right now are to build a decorative wall around this space that will start tall on the left side by the chimney and go down in tiers as it wraps around the front.  We are going to leave about 2 feet of space between the mats and the wall to plan tall bamboo or cannas in.  This will give this space a bit of privacy, where we plan to put the grill and a chair or two with a table.

As for the board you see along the wall which was a support for the deck, it’s going to become the base for some long flower boxes. Hoping to plant mums in them for the fall, and possibly use them for herbs next year.

Lastly, check out the new stairs. J built the stairs himself and got a Craigs List carpenter to do the railings.

The ultimate test this winter will be to see how the rubber paver mats hold up in weather.  If they do well, we plan to invest in more next year to cover the concrete base of the patio.

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