Reelfoot Lake, which is in the upper most western corner of Tennessee, was created by the great earthquake of 1812 along the New Madrid fault which supposedly caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards for a few days, which filled the lake.  It was always the place we went for Easter, Mother’s Day, and some birthdays to eat catfish through my years of living in Tennessee.

Years ago, we ate at a place called Gooches which was right on the water.  My Dad always joked that the glasses of water they served you were actually lake water that had been filtered and cleaned! After it closed, we moved around the lake to another restaurant called Boyette’s and that’s where we’ve been going for years now.  It’s right across the street from the lake’s museum and a nice walkway that puts you right out onto the lake.  You can’t go to Boyette’s and eat catfish without going across the street to take a walk along the water.

And that’s just what I did last weekend when my Mom invited me to go with her and her Sunday school class to eat at Reelfoot.  I was excited about going mainly just to snap some cool photos, and of course, to eat catfish, french fries, onion rings, cole slaw, country ham, green beans, and hush puppies!  All you can eat!

Here are a few of my best photos…




Not a great photo, but it was nice to watch him flying in across the lake.






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