365 of Me: 264/102


This is a candy dish I picked up at an antique store this past Saturday, but not just any candy dish! My Mom had one just like it on an end table back when I was growing up. It was usually filled with peppermints, or hard candy, or leftover Halloween candy. It made me smile when I saw it and it brought back fond memories, so I bought it! It now has Halloween M&M’s in it.

365 of Me: 263/103

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This is the last pic from my trip home for Mom’s birthday. On Sunday, the family had lunch at Mom’s house and a staple for our meal we normally share together on the last day I’m in town is always Mom’s spaghetti. I’ve tried many times to get my own spaghetti to taste just like hers, but I haven’t succeeded yet. It’s full of love and tastes like home.

365 of Me: 262/104


You know Fall is coming when the ground beneath the pear tree in Mom’s back yard looks like this. There was a time when Mom’s side yard had 3 or 4 apples trees, a plum tree, a cherry tree, a peach tree, and the pear tree. Fresh fruit from the yard is definitely a childhood memory. Over time the trees died off or stopped producing and were removed. But the pear tree lives on and produces quite a crop each year.

365 of Me: 261/105

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Okeena Pool in the community park in my home town. I snapped this photo while I was in town. We’d stopped at the park for my sister and her husband to visit a family reunion. It’s the public pool where at least one day out of every summer of my childhood was spent. The pool was blue in color then. I even remember my Mom taking me to the kiddie pool in the foreground. It didn’t have a fence around it back then. Eventually my sister took me to the big pool in the background, but I never went in the middle (the deep end) because I couldn’t swim. It eventually became a tradition for my niece and nephew.

Sadly, the pool didn’t open this year because it needs a new filtration system which could not be afforded. The deep end was also where the son of one of our neighbors passed away back in the mid 80’s. His name was Johnny Taylor. I remember Johnny rode his bike all over the neighborhood. There’s even a bike engraved on his tombstone because that’s how people remembered him. Johnny went to the pool every day each summer. He was diving off the high board and hit his head on the bottom of the pool.

That’s the community college in the far background where I went my first year of college in the fall of 1994.

365 of Me: 260/106

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This is one of the purchases I did make at the second antique store where I snapped all of the Halloween photos that I posted a few days ago! These are from India (supposedly). I like them because they have wooden sheaths. You can’t see them, but the smaller one on the right has three smaller knives in the sheath. You can just barely see the one of the handles of them sticking up on the top. I’m not a knife or gun fan really but I took a photo of these and sent it to J while I was there and he really liked them. And the price was extremely nice so I bought them!

365 of Me: 259/107

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This is the only photo I took at the third antique store we visited. Everything in the store was a bit over priced and a bit “grandma-looking” if you know what I mean. And then there was this coffee mug sticking out on a shelf like a sore thumb and it made me laugh. And check out the price tag – yep, $6.00 for a “magician mug.” I would have paid $2.00 for it.

365 of Me: 258/108


More pictures from my favorite of the three antique stores we visited during my visit home over the weekend. I loved this old painted door. We’ve been looking at buying old doors to bolt together to create a border fence in our backyard next year.

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With my recent obsession with miniatures and a project I’m working on for Halloween, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this miniature house.

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I also liked this pipe holder with the wood burned characters on it. Very original and unique.

365 of Me: 257/109

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On Saturday my sister and her husband took me to three new antique stores in town. New antiques sounds funny, doesn’t it? One was better, or at least more reasonably priced, than the other and I made a few purchases. The better one was also all decorated for Halloween so we enjoyed looking at all of the decorations. There was even a corpse bride at the foot of an old bed! I thought the Christmas Trees dressed for Halloween and Autumn were a nice touch.

365 of Me: 256/110


There aren’t many pictures of me with my Dad, so I couldn’t resist snapping one on Friday while he was playing Bingo. Dad is 74. That’s my sister in the photo with us. It hasn’t been easy having him in the senior center, but it’s actually been the best thing for him. This is the best he’s looked in several years. He won two rounds of bingo and his prize was a honey bun for each win, his choice and he was so proud. I’m proud of him too.


365 of Me: 255/111


I drove home to Tennessee on Friday for my Mom’s birthday weekend. My Dad is in a senior citizen’s home and has been there since March when he fell and broke his pelvic bone. When I saw Dad in July, they were moving him to a new hall where he’d have a roommate. It wasn’t a good visit because the center wasn’t being very swift about moving his things so he was a bit upset. My sister and I even went to his old room and collected most of his things for him, including his TV. Unfortunately, my Dad’s new roommate was bed ridden and died shortly after. Dad was then moved across the hall to another room with another roommate, who I met for the first time on Friday. He’s a sweet man named Ben. This is the view from my Dad’s window. It isn’t much, but he has a bird feeder and I’m sure there are other wild life he can observe at times.