365 of Me: 114/252


The best things that remind us of home are free.

I loved pine cones when I was a kid. I often pick one up from Mom’s yard in April when I go home for a visit. I have a wire basket full of them which I usually use for fall decoration, but a few of my favorite pine cones (yes, I have favorites) sit on the shelf in my office, including this one that I picked up over the weekend.  I also picked up three pecans that the squirrels and my step-father had missed and added them to the natural knick-knacks in my office.

What about you?  Anything in nature you enjoying keeping as a memento from time to time? Perhaps a stone? A leaf? Tell me about it.

365 of Me: 112/254


Took a walk on lunch today at the park! First spring walk of the year actually. I walked 1.5 miles and my pedometer says I burned 194 calories. I was doing really well last year with walking on lunch hour and then going to the gym afterwards. I love keeping up with my calories burned! I’m starting back to the gym tomorrow.

Check out all those dandelions! Another sign of spring!

365 of Me: 111/255


Mom got new windows on Thursday while I was in town. They really looked nice and made a difference on her house!

unnamed (1)

Like us, they had a bad winter so her flowers were a little late blooming. But her hosta were already up. Mine have just barely come up out of the ground. This second pic is a hosta garden I planted for her many years ago when I lived in Memphis.

365 of Me: 110/256


It’s chicks, man!

Happy Easter! Look what I found this weekend. Remember a few days ago when I went to the old feed and seed looking for baby bunnies or ducks? Well, I found some chicks at the tractor supply store.

They were so cute, under a heat lamp in the bottom of a huge grain tub. I wanted to jump in and play with them. The picture would have to do.

Hope everyone has a great Easter!

365 of Me: 109/257

unnamed (1)

My dad’s socks in one of his dresser drawers at the manor. His last name is written in marker on the top.

It’s sad how a senior facility, for some, is the last place they go. And in it, you resort back to the way it was when you were a kid at the first place you go: preschool or kindergarten. Your name has to be written on everything that’s yours: socks, shirts, pants. Even my dad’s TV set now has his name written down the side of it in permanent marker.

I saw an older lady in the hallway with a purse. Her name was Irene. I knew this from the piece of tape on her purse. In a way, maybe this isn’t so others know who we are or what is ours, maybe it’s so we never forget who we are.

365 of Me: 108/258


There isn’t much to my dad’s room at the manor where he is staying, but it was nice to come in and see these photos on his nightstand that my sister had brought in for him.

That’s his parents in the background on the right. Then there’s a old family photo up front. My dad is the older boy standing between his parents. The picture is minus one uncle, and I learned today that Grandma was pregnant with him in this photo.

The collage on the left is of me, my brother, and sister through the years. I made it for dad for Christmas several years ago.

365 of Me: 107/259


Today I took a brief walk down memory lane and was disappointed to find only memories there.

With April being my birthday month and Easter, years ago when I lived at home there was a time when I would get a baby bunny or a baby duck as a gift for either occasion, from about the time I was eight years old until I was in probably fourteen or fifteen. I had several bunnies and ducks at one time that had all been hand-raised. We got them at a local farmer’s feed and seed store called Pennington’s. My father did a ton of business there back in the day. It seems like Pennington’s was a weekly stop for us when we “went to town.”

It’s still there today in downtown Dyersburg, and today I stopped in hoping to find a cage of bunnies or ducks. I wanted to pet or hold one and snap a photo. But they don’t sell them anymore. My sister and I took a quick look around. They still sell seed and fertilizer and flowers. It smelled the same, but didn’t look as big as I remembered. Everything looks bigger when you are a child.

But I still snapped a few photos and we bought a potted flower and stand for my Dad.

365 of Me: 106/260


I rarely take photos of the front yard unless things are blooming. Besides a few daffodils, there isn’t much out there but we still have two beds to be proud of. We cleaned them out last Saturday too, and I even put my flower pots back up on the porch. I planted irises and lilies in them last year instead of the annuals I used to put in them that never last long.

Our cat loves to sit in the window and talk to the birds who stop by that feeder.

365 of Me: 105/261

Just more shots of our daffodils. A few more varieties have bloomed since last week. I’m already thinking about planting more for next year!