365 of Me: 271/95


These are my witches. Well, soon to be witches once I decoupage black hats on them for Halloween. I got the idea to hang them up like this from an antique store where they did it on a chain with old clips across the front of a mirror above a fireplace. I put them up here just for fun but will probably take them down as I add them to my witches cabinets that I am making. I’ll be posting pics of those soon!

365 of Me: 270/96


I treated myself to lunch in one of my favorite Chinese restaurants yesterday. It’s not really a restaurant but more of a hole in the wall with a few tables and booths. I have rarely seen anyone eat inside. It’s mostly take-out. And that’s what we usually do. The trouble (and it’s not really bad trouble) is that you get so much food there’s always going to be leftovers. And the prices are super cheap! But I decided to eat inside mainly just to enjoy the day away from home a bit. This is a picture of my meal which, without drink, only costs $7.00.


I love looking at the receipt because it always prints what you order in Chinese characters which is kind of fun.  Even the words “Walk in” at the top have their own Chinese Characters printed above them.

And while I was there I also learned how the Crab Rangoon are stuffed.  Yep, that’s a worker in the background sitting in the restaurant stuffing Crab Rangoon mix into dough. Kind of weird, but I don’t care. They sure were tasty.


365 of Me: 269/97


Our banana trees! They didn’t get very tall this year but this is only their second year. They are the kind that actually come back and you don’t have to dig them up. We had those kind several years ago and one of them got to be over 16 feet tall. It was so sad having to cut it back to bring them in for winter, and that got to be quite a chore. So, we planted these instead. They are another reminder of home because my mom has several that she puts out and digs up each year.

365 of Me: 268/98


Here’s a great picture of our garden path and rose trellis that we added this year. Those are sedums on the left and agastache on the right. I’ve posted about the sedums before. They start out leafy green in the beginning of spring, slowing turning light green, then white, and then pink, and by early Fall they are this color. They will continue to deepen and eventually brown by the time the frost hits. We have several of these, and even more sedum varieties were added this year which were apparently very tasty to the rabbits. But they don’t like these. Two of these large rosey sedums were also some of the first plants we added to our garden eight years ago when we bought the house.


365 of Me: 267/99


Here’s a plant I haven’t posted about all year! It’s out Zebra Pampas Grass! We have four large bunches of it in the back yard. It’s one of the very first plants we bought when we moved in so these plants are going on 8 years of age. We bought three and moved them several years ago, and split one of them at that time so there are four now. Two of them are so huge they should probably be split again. They are definitely an anchor in the back yard to our beds and garden paths. And you know it’s fall when they start to sprout plums on top! They also start to stretch out and take up more space. We don’t bother cutting them back until the beginning of spring. It’s always nice to see them turn wheat colored by the time Thanksgiving arrives.


365 of Me: 266/100


Wow! Only 100 days left of the year! Two pics today from the garden! These are zinnias which are annuals. We don’t normally like annuals but bought these just to fill a pot along the pathway. As you can see, they survived the summer heat and are doing well. I’ll definitely be buying them again next year. I love their orange pop of color.

And below is the Lions Tail herb I posted about a few weeks ago. It’s also pretty and orange. I plan to try making a tea from its leaves before the season ends!


365 of Me: 265/101


For the rest of this week, I’m going back out in the yard to show you what’s still going strong now that we are in the early days of Autumn. With the extreme heat and extreme rain we’ve had the last few weeks, and with me traveling a bit and occupied with work, I haven’t spent much time out in the yard. I plan to do some fall transplanting and bulb planting this weekend though which will probably be my last big hurrah as far as working in the garden goes.

This is a pic of the rose garden we made back in the spring to which we transplanted our roses which we thought had not survived the winter. Three of the roses made a strong comeback. In the middle, that large plant is a free jasmine plant that came in the mail with my yellow trailing roses I bought back in June. Those roses didn’t do so well and had to be replanted, but as you can see, the jasmine made up for them.

Here are some up close pics of the roses:



365 of Me: 264/102


This is a candy dish I picked up at an antique store this past Saturday, but not just any candy dish! My Mom had one just like it on an end table back when I was growing up. It was usually filled with peppermints, or hard candy, or leftover Halloween candy. It made me smile when I saw it and it brought back fond memories, so I bought it! It now has Halloween M&M’s in it.

365 of Me: 263/103

unnamed (1)

This is the last pic from my trip home for Mom’s birthday. On Sunday, the family had lunch at Mom’s house and a staple for our meal we normally share together on the last day I’m in town is always Mom’s spaghetti. I’ve tried many times to get my own spaghetti to taste just like hers, but I haven’t succeeded yet. It’s full of love and tastes like home.

365 of Me: 262/104


You know Fall is coming when the ground beneath the pear tree in Mom’s back yard looks like this. There was a time when Mom’s side yard had 3 or 4 apples trees, a plum tree, a cherry tree, a peach tree, and the pear tree. Fresh fruit from the yard is definitely a childhood memory. Over time the trees died off or stopped producing and were removed. But the pear tree lives on and produces quite a crop each year.