Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 63, 2017

Saturday- Day 3 in Utah

Was up at 5am. Of course that’s 6 at home.  Went to bed at 9 though so I guess that is somewhat normal to my usual schedule.

Had a great breakfast again in the hotel.

Set-up at the booth got started around 9 and wrapped up by 4:30pm.

Had a lousy dinner in a fancy Italian restaurant and then went to the comedy club two blocks from our hotel to see Ben Gleib, host of Idiot Test on GSN.  He was good but I enjoyed his feature act, Michael Malone, much more.

Was back at the hotel and in bed by 10.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 62, 2017


Was awake at 3am again this morning but made myself stay in bed and nap until 7am.  I knew it was already going to be a long day and I needed all the sleep I could get.  Had free breakfast in the hotel which was nice. Not the usual spread. The Mexican influence intrigued me.  There was breakfast burritos, guava juice, and hashbrowns that looked like potato chips.  It was nice.

Went to the center at 9 to start building our booth. There were three of us doing it this year instead of two so it felt like things went smoother.  We were done by 5, and that was even with an hour lunch break and having to wait an hour and half for labor to hang our sign.  But also getting the carpet done yesterday helped.

Went back to my room and caught up on work email, then went to dinner with two of the sales reps at 7. Back in the room by 9 and off to bed. Tomorrow is another long day of building displays, merchandising, marketing, and pricing.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 61, 2017

Thursday, Day 61

Was up at 3am because the new pup was coughing his head off.  He was fine once I let him out of his crate. Probably got too hot. I was hot too, and now wide awake so I turned the coffee pot on. Guess I’ll sleep on the plane.

Didn’t sleep on the plane but enjoyed reading and listening to music during the 3 hour flight. The mountains in Salt Lake City are beautiful and downtown is very trendy.

I’ve never flown Delta. Was surprised at how nice the terminal was in St. Louis compared to Southwest.  The plane was tiny, but man, first class and “zone 1” get the perks…wet naps, cloth napkins, meals.  Zone 1 got better snacks and fruit.  The back of the plane got pretzels and juice and water.

We arrived too early to check into the hotel so we went to the convention center and laid our carpet.  That shaves 3 hours off of set up tomorrow!  After that, got checked in and unpacked.  Then had an early dinner.

Day 2 I can sleep in a bit.  We aren’t starting set up until 9am or 10am and they’ll be three of us this year to set up.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 58-60, 2017

Monday, Day 58

After work, the stray rescue brought Mario, the rat terrier, to our house to meet Riley.  They did really well together so we adopted him!  Mario had been in foster care for two years.  He is six years old and came from Chicago. We had a rough night with him and he woke us up barking several times, but otherwise he is settling in very well.

Tuesday, Day 59

We went to Treats Unleashed after work to learn about grain-free dog food. That’s what Mario is used to and we want to transition Riley to it. Also picked up some raw treats and some beef bones for them, both which came highly recommended from the rescue group. Tonight was much better for him, even with a storm that rolled through early morn.

Wednesday, Day 60

Last day of work before I leave for Salt Lake City in the morning. Chinese for dinner. Then packed for the week long trip.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 55-57, 2017

Friday, Day 55

  1. Quiet day at work. Still preparing to leave for the big trade show next week. Not much left to do at this point.
  2. Pizza for dinner.
  3. Found out Saturday’s show sold out!

Saturday, Day 56

  1. Went shopping for balloons and fun tee shirt for the show. Found a nice jacket on clearance at Kohl’s that completed the outfit.
  2. Had practice before we got on the road. Cape is about an hour and a half south. Show doesn’t start till 9:30pm.
  3. Arrived at the venue with enough time to enjoy a homemade pizza before the soundcheck.
  4. Sold out crowd. Our best show ever too!  And got paid for it. Show was over at midnight and I was home in bed by 2am.

Sunday, Day 57

  1. With only a few hours of sleep, I’m groggy today but still experiencing a high from how well the show went.
  2. Grocery store.
  3. Laundry.
  4. John made a chicken soup and a chicken pot pie. Both were delicious.
  5. We received a call back from a stray network about a rat terrier in foster care. He’s coming to visit us tomorrow. It seems quick but that’s the way these organizations work, and it’s important to us for Riley not to be alone. Fingers crossed they like each other.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 53, 2017

Wednesday, Day 53

We had to make another sad decision to say good-bye to our second oldest dog, Bailey. He’d been battling eye trouble for 8 years now, taking eye drops twice daily, and an ulcer formed in his right eye about a week ago which involved an ER visit. They prescribed 3 more different eye drops and two pain meds and sent us home, but you could tell Bailey wasn’t doing well. He just sat there. He couldn’t see. He squinted. He slept more. Even the eye drops made him whine which was a first. He had always been so stoic and never showed an indication of pain. Things got worse yesterday for him and the outcome didn’t look good after we took him to see the eye doctor. The ulcer had started to dissolve his cornea. Our best option was to have the eye removed, a surgery that sounds bleak but has a positive outcome, but his remaining eye was in just as bad of shape and the chances of the same thing happening again were high.  We knew this wasn’t going to be a good quality of life for him and we wanted his pain to end, so we made a decision that we’ve now had to make 4 times in 4 years with the loss of Zander last November and my two older cats back in 2013. It’s never easy, but it’s what’s best.

Bailey was 13 years old and had been a part of our life since he was 6 weeks old.


Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 52, 2017

Tuesday, Day 52

  1. Woke up to a FB message asking me to do a showcase on March 25th. Exciting to get asked to do that. I said yes.
  2. Started writing again. And again, I’m mostly going through my work-in-progress and rewriting what’s already been done. Still feels good to be getting into a story again. It feels right…right now.
  3. Didn’t make the list at open mic night so I decided to leave early instead of staying to watch the show.
  4. Read.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 51, 2017

Monday, Day 51

  1. Big week! Have to work today. We don’t get Presidents Day off. I have practice tonight, open mic tomorrow, the comedy competition on Thursday, and the show in Cape on Saturday. Then Salt Lake City next week.
  2. Took the meds last night because my foot was bothering me a bit, and yep, I was wide awake again at 3am. Stayed in bed and catnapped so I don’t feel so bad.
  3. We have 70 degree weather the next 4 days. Very odd for February here. Makes me think we have hopefully seen the end of winter already.
  4. Busy day at work still getting ready for shows. Had to edit several flyers and marketing pieces.
  5. Leftovers for dinner.
  6. Had a good 3 hour practice for our Saturday show.
  7. Read.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 49-50, 2017

Saturday, Day 49

  1. Another sleepless night last night. Got out of bed at 4am and laid on the sofa. Was too hot and restless. Might skip the meds tonight to see if that’s the issue.
  2. It’s grocery and laundry day. Typical Saturday, but at least the foot is not bothering me this weekend so I’m feeling motivated.
  3. Went to the butcher shop for bacon, chicken, franks, and a rump roast for the crock.
  4. Grocery shopped.
  5. Did some more shopping with John.
  6. Watched Madea’s Boo.  It wasn’t that good. Most of the movie felt ad-libbed.
  7. Read.
  8. Watched the 2nd installment of CNN’s History of Comedy which also wasn’t that good. This one was about women in comedy and I just felt like it could have been better.
  9. John made fried chicken and fries for dinner. We followed that with homemade chocolate cake.

Sunday, Day 50

  1. Slept much better last night after not taking the meds.
  2. Put the rump roast in the crock to cook all day.
  3. Made bacon, eggs, and grits for breakfast.
  4. Did some shopping. Been looking for a vintage jacket for next weekend’s show but I’m not having any luck finding one.
  5. Cleaned the front flower beds.  It’s 70 degrees outside!
  6. Made a new pasta dish for lunch.
  7. Roast sandwiches with veggies for dinner. The crock pot dish was great.
  8. Read.
  9. Watched Walking Dead.