Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 38, 2017

  1.  I started writing again yesterday. It wasn’t much and only one page, and most of it was rewriting an old prologue; but it’s a start.  And as writers know, that’s what you have to do. You just have to sit down and start writing.
  2. My appointment with the foot doctor was yesterday afternoon.  I hate the cortisone shot but it helps.
  3. Still working on my big trade show at work but I’m getting close to being done with the set-up.  That’s always a big relief.  And it ships next Thursday so time is everything.
  4. Porn loin for dinner, seared on our new stove top griddle.
  5. Read. I started a new book over the weekend that’s been on my list for a while.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 37, 2017

Monday, Day 37

  1. Last week I printed out everything I’d written on a work-in-progress that I started years ago. I was going to read it over the weekend but didn’t, and have thought about starting over again for weeks now. This morning a new first sentence popped in my head right when I woke up so I wrote it down. That’s usually a good sign for me because I always like to start at the beginning.
  2. Dentist appointment today. Just a cleaning. Everything checked out fine.
  3. Sha’Dam! practice. We’re doing 2 open mics next week and have a big show on the 25th out of town.
  4. Leftover pizza for dinner.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 32-35, 2017

Wednesday, Day 32

  1. Payday! Paid bills.
  2. Wow! January is gone already. Turn the calendar. Now I have to start keeping up with the days numerically for my log book.
  3. The Helium Showcase is tonight. I hope the crowd is larger than it was last night.
  4. My pseudo-gout in my left foot is acting up again so walking has been difficult. Hopefully going back to the doctor soon for another cortisone shot.
  5. Spaghetti for dinner.
  6. Was still working on my set list 30 minutes before the show and even added a last minute joke that a friend told me.

Thursday, Day 33

  1. The show last night was awesome! Probably my best yet as far as crowd response goes. I even got an applause break.  There were about 30 people in the crowd not counting any comics who were watching. And got paid for doing the show too!
  2. Still fighting my pseudo-gout. Got a doctor’s appointment for next Tuesday. Went to bed early because of so much pain.
  3. Skipped dinner.

Friday, Day 34

  1. Watched Arrival. Good movie. Kinda monotone.  I’m still processing it.
  2. Salads for dinner.

Saturday, Day 35

  1. Bought groceries. The store was a nightmare thanks to the Superbowl.
  2. Watched Bridgett Everett’s comedy special.
  3. J’s first Blue Apron box arrived. We had Chicken Enchildas for lunch with tomatillo sauce.
  4. Watched Inferno.  It was okay. It was my least favorite of the books, and the same goes for the movies.


Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 30 and 31, 2017

Monday, Day 30

  1. Day 1 of staging my spring trade shows began at work.
  2. Sha’Dam! practice! We’re working on some new stuff. Had a nice 3 hour practice.

Tuesday, Day 31

  1. Worked on my set for Wednesday night’s Dirty Show Showcase.
  2. I’m first up on the Helium open mic tonight. Small crowd. Maybe 8 people. There were more comics there than audience members.
  3. Day 2 of working on trade shows. Very busy day getting organized and lots of emails.
  4. Leftovers for dinner.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 29, 2017

Sunday, Day 29

  1. Finished laundry, including bed sheets.
  2. Had a horrible lunch at a bakery/cafe we “used” to like. Probably won’t be back anymore. Sigh.  Eating out has become so expensive and loathsome.
  3. Bought 2 more bottles of wine today thanks to Facebook recommendations from some friends when I asked for suggestions for good sweet or semi-sweet red wines.
  4. Went to the pet store for cat food.
  5. Another stop at another grocery store for meds and pork roast.
  6. Went to two Walgreens and two Dollar Generals looking for Airborne. Why is this stuff getting to be so hard to find?
  7. Read
  8. Pork roast and veggies for dinner.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 25, 26 and 27, 2017

Wednesday, Day 25

  1. Another busy day of work. Playing catch up from being in meetings all day on Tuesday.
  2. Salads for dinner.
  3. Found out I’m on a Showcase next Wednesday at Helium Comedy Club.
  4. Did my taxes. Getting a federal and state refund this time!
  5. A Facebook memory reminded me that Ward had been gone a year now.

Thursday, Day 26

  1. Another busy day of work. Have to start getting ready for trade shows next week.
  2. Soup and grill cheese for dinner.

Friday, Day 27

  1. Worked on my set for next Wednesday’s show.
  2. Went out for Chinese for lunch.
  3. Found out which night I perform for the comedy competition next month. (the 23rd)
  4. Burger and onion rings for dinner from a new restaurant close by.

Lone Writer’s Log Book: Day 23 and 24

Monday, Day 23

  1. Published Part 4 of my essay.
  2. Sha’Dam! practice.
  3. Soup for dinner.
  4. Sha’Dam! did 3 songs at open mic night at Babylon.

Tuesday, Day 24

  1. Published Part 5 of my essay.
  2. Annual sales rep meetings all day at work. Even had to stay late.
  3. Went to Funny Bone to try to get on the open mic but didn’t make the list.
  4. Long busy day that really sucked.
  5. Cereal for dinner. And ice cream.