366 of Me: Day 46

Two pictures today! Guess what I got for Valentine’s Day yesterday? In lieu of flowers, J sent a gift basket full of candy, cookies, crackers, and even a smoked salmon.  I was pleasantly surprised and all the girls at work were totally jealous!

J and I will celebrate our 9th year together in July this year…the longest either of us have been with someone.  Here’s to 9 more – if both of us survive eating everything in this gift basket!  We sampled quite a few things last night and they were all quite yummy!  He made me pose for the picture.

Thank you again, J.  I love you, man!

366 of Me: Day 25

This is a photo of the outside of our house.

This picture was actually taken Spring of 2010 just after we had the gables and windows painted, but I like the flowers in this photo and thought about them when I walked outside today on the way to work and peeked at the drab flowerbeds that are brown and dead right now, with everything asleep in the ground for winter.

Made me sad and anxious for Spring.

You’ll probably be seeing a lot of photos of the house and the flowers in a few months.

Spring is my favorite time of year!

366 of Me: Day 23

This is Avery.  I’ve had him since 2000, when I adopted him and his brother from a coworker/friend who was moving overseas.  Being grown up big kitties, no one would adopt both of them together and she didn’t want them to get separated.  I had no pets at the time and agreed to take them and keep them together, despite having only met Avery once before and never meeting his brother. They’ve been a part of my life ever since.