Which is more important? The perfect cup of coffee or the perfect date? Why can’t we have both?

Blaine is an Isherwood reading, photo taking, obsessive compulsive coffee barista who steals money out of public fountains and who can’t find a date. Obsessed with the number 32, his age, Blaine blames his lack of companionship as the reason for his habitual acts. Every day is timed and in sync to Blaine’s magic number!
When his best friend Sallie sets him up on a blind date, the overanxious caffeine slinger becomes convinced that the new man in his life will cure his compulsions. When Blaine discovers they have nothing in common, complications quickly ensue.

Soon, Blaine’s artsy tattooed coworker, Auden, tells him about a local photography contest, and Blaine sets out to capture a winning snapshot. But just as Blaine thinks he has his illness conquered, his perfect unvarying world spirals out of control.

Stealing Wishes is available for $12.95 in Paperback

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I should have known that the emphasis here would be on romance and relationships, not the act of sex itself. I should have known that I would end up liking the main character as a person, and that the plot would drive the story. I should have anticipated the subtle philosophy sprinkled throughout the book and the smart writing style that pulled me along with the narrative. I should have known all of that but I let my pre-conceptions of ‘gay romance’ sway my decision and that’s a shame. If you’re reading this review and wonder if you really are going to like this book or if it’s just not your thing let me set your mind at ease, this is a fun, fast-paced book with a lot going for it beyond the genre. -author, Dan Marvin

Overall, I was very impressed with the subliminal aspects of the story: the symbols, the metaphors, and especially the non-traditional ending…If you are looking for a feel-good quirky romance, an eccentric yet insightful main character, some real life truths, and a good dose of sarcasm and existential rumination to boot, this story is for you. I would say it’s a gay man Reality Bites. -author and book reviewer, Cheryl Anne Gardner

While not being my usual genre, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Stealing Wishes as it provides a glimpse of a lifestyle outside of my own. It shows modern day relationships as you only learn the first name of any of the characters. The theme of the book is universal as we all contemplate at one time or other what love is, and struggle with the intricacies of relationships, whether gay, hetero, or both. -author and book reviewer, LK Gardner-Griffie

Having been recommended to, and enjoyed, Mr. Yarbrough’s first novel, “The Other Side of What,” I was happy to see that his obvious flair for creating fully-nuanced, complex but realistic characters is again evident. One quickly warms up to the richly supportive relationship between the three main characters in this well-written romantic comedy. A very sweet, engaging story that will brighten your day. Highly recommended light read. Five venti mocha stars out of five! -book reviewer, Bob Lind


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