More Free Reads for my New Book

My new book is finally starting to get a few reviews! Thank you to the readers out there for that. There’s lots of free ways to get my new book this weekend if you haven’t picked it up already!

It’s free on Smashwords right now until April 3rd!

If you are a NetGalley member, you can request it here.

If you are a BookSirens member, you can request it here.

It’s also free for all Kindle Unlimited users, but ALL Kindle users will be able to get it for free tomorrow and Monday.

And if you get the BookCover newsletter, look for it there tomorrow!

But if you like paperback, you could support me by buying a paperback copy on Amazon or B&N.

So what are you waiting for? Summer will be here before you know it! But you could be reading my ebook right now absolutely free!


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