A Scenic Hills Summer is free on Kindle!

My new book, A SCENIC HILLS SUMMER, is now available wherever books and eBooks are sold!

AND today and tomorrow it’s free on Kindle!

That’s right! Absolutely free! Click here to download it now!

I wrote this book last year so it’s been nice to finally release it to my readers. It’s a murder mystery too! For those who are curious, the book is about a transgender investigative journalist named Colette Birzhan. Colette travels to St. Louis to investigate the mysterious deaths of four male escorts and ends up on the trail of a serial killer in the suburbs.

I’d been developing this character for a few years now. I fell in love with the character of Julia Lawson from the CBS television series, Clarice, from 2021 which only had one season. Julia was played by Jen Richards. Colette is loosely based on her. And yeah, maybe there’s a little of Clarice Starling in there too.

I plan to make this into at least a three book series. Guess what? You can pre-order the second book now for just 99 cents. It will be released in March 2024.


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