Book Update – SUMMER is here!

Lots of exciting updates to share! The pub date of A SCENIC HILLS SUMMER has been bumped up to this week.

Paperback editions are already available at Amazon. Click here to purchase!

The Kindle edition will be available this coming Tuesday! Click here for the Kindle edition.

The Ebook edition is live and available now on Smashwords.

Prefer to read on Apple iBooks? No problem. Click here to download.

Do you have a Kobo Ereader? Click here.

B&N Nook? Got you covered!

The paperback will also be available at B&N later this week at this link.

Reviewers who use BookSirens can get their copy here.

Net Galley users can get theirs here.

And GoodReads users, don’t forget to show me some love here.



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