Summer’s Playlist

As summer draws to a close this Labor Day weekend, I’ve been thinking about all the things we accomplished this summer. The list is long, so I’ve turned it into a playlist of sorts. Actually, several playlists:

The House

  1. HVAC repairs including a new coil
  2. New insulation in the attic
  3. A new dryer
  4. New outside vent covers to keep critters out
  5. Turned the basement closet into a pantry for our homemade canned gooes

Plant/Flower Gardening

  1. Planted a Service Berry tree
  2. Planted two Dwarf River Birch trees
  3. Planted a Crape Myrtle tree
  4. Planted a new Prairie garden
  5. Moved all the Surprise Lily bulbs

Vegetable Gardening

  1. Installed 3 new raised beds for next year
  2. Closed down the last in-ground vegetable bed
  3. Repurposed our old herb box for pollinators next year
  4. Canned 22 jars of tomato sauce and salsa
  5. Canned 13 jars of pickles


  1. Finished Part 1 of my new murder mystery series
  2. Had “The Piano Maker’s Son” professionally edited
  3. Spent time marketing “The Answers You Seek”

In regards to the writing list, I had set 4 writing goals for the year and wrote them on a post-it that I stuck on the wall above my desk. I’ve accomplished 3 of those 4 goals. The 4th involved revamping an old manuscript of a completely different book. I’ve abandoned that book for now, and I’m okay with that.

It’s been a long summer and I’m not sad to see it go. What did you do this summer?


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