Hope in Sight? I Hope!

If you have been waiting on a copy of my book that you ordered through Amazon, and you ordered it early on, you probably received an email this week notifying you that there was a delay. If you accepted the notification, Amazon will keep your book on order and notify you when it’s available.

Some good news though… I noticed on the trade paperback’s page that it no longer says “temporarily unavailable.” It now shows a date of June 17th – 18th. See below.

I’m not sure if that date was provided to Amazon or if it’s just an erroneous date that’s maybe two months out. My guess is the latter, so I hope it becomes available before then. I’ve checked the publisher’s website several times this week, and they still don’t have paperbacks available either. But you don’t have to wait to read it! Ebooks are definitely available!

And if you’ve read it, I hope you will consider posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads or somewhere out there on the web! Thanks for reading, and for those still waiting, thanks for your patience!

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