Where is my book?

That’s a question you and I both were asking on Tuesday when my book launched. If you ordered an Ebook, it was waiting for you on your Ereader when you woke up that morning.

As for the paperback, Amazon says “temporarily out of stock.” I know. I was just as disappointed as you were. The publisher doesn’t have any in stock on their website either. I’ve been told there’s a delay with their printer, but I still emailed them this morning to see if there’s more information available.

Like you, I’m tired of the supply chain problems that all consumers are experiencing and that all businesses are offering up as excuses. Alas, I’ll save my opinions on those theories for another post.

This morning I checked some of my publisher’s other books that published in April, and none of those are available yet in paperback either. Two books that published in mid March are available though, and one of those even has its audiobook already available. So, if that’s a sign, maybe it will just be another week or so (fingers crossed). And yes, my book is also supposed to have an audiobook version available at some point.

I’m glad I didn’t schedule my book launch party yet though. That would have been embarrassing since no books would be available! I am still planning to host one, hopefully next month. Details to come.

For now, those of you waiting on your paperback, thank you so much for buying my book and I appreciate your patience. I haven’t received mine either. Just know….it’s on it’s way! I’ll update you once I know more.

Click on the image to pre-order your paperback, or to order the Ebook and start reading!

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