Only 20 Days To Go But Who’s Counting?

That’s right! Only 20 day to go until the release of my new book, THE ANSWERS YOU SEEK.

The E-book and Trade Paperback book editions are due to publish on April 12th. There will also be a mass market edition in October. For some reason, the Trade Paperback edition is not yet available for preorder. I’m hoping that changes on the 12th though.

For now, it’s been fun to see the book bouncing around on the Amazon Kindle charts. Here’s where we were on March 19th. I’m not sure what an Amateur Sleuth Mystery is, but I like the sound of it:

You can preorder directly from my publisher and get the E-book for only $4.54 here.

If you like and use Goodreads, please shelve the book here.

The Kindle edition is $6.49. Here’s the link to the Amazon page one more time.

B&N and Nook users can find it here. ($6.49 on Nook too.)

And all you BookBub users can show me some love here!

I’m hoping to have a book launch party somewhere in St. Louis in April, so if you are in Missouri, plan on stopping by. More details to come right here!

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