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Yesterday I watched Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special, “Inside.” It wasn’t my favorite of his comedy specials but having been a comedian once, I completely appreciate Bo’s approach to being a creative stuck inside his head without an audience. I’ve definitely felt that this past year!

Bo capture’s his insanity of being trapped not just inside his house, but also inside his mind, and the desperation to create something. His frustrations in producing the content all on his own also come across as the room becomes cluttered with “behind the scenes” equipment and Bo attempts to do lighting effects in the most mundane ways. He straps a spotlight to his head to shine on a disco ball in one song and in another he holds a light behind him to shine across the wall.

Bo’s sense of humor is pristine at poking fun at himself, and his social commentary throughout is a real eye opener. Just watch “Welcome to the Internet.” You’ll laugh, but you’ll also slowly become uncomfortable.

Here’s one of my favorite songs that captures the message perfectly:

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