March 2020 Recap

Wow…just wow. What a month it’s been, huh?

My mom had a hip replacement at the end of February, so I started my month with a week of vacation so that I could be with her during her first week of recovery at our family home in Tennessee. I cooked for her, read books, wrote in my journal, and watched TV. Being in the country, she does not have WiFi at her house and you have to wander around the yard to try to get cell service, so it was a nice mental break from things. I enjoyed cooking for Mom and my family and just getting to spend good quality time with her.

Here are some other highlights from March:


I finished Kate Mulgrew’s Born with Teeth while I was in Tennessee, having listened to her other book on audio the month prior. Both are excellent and I highly recommend.

I finished Call Me By Your Name by Andrew Aciman on audio during my drive to my Mom’s house. It’s read by Armie Hammer who played Oliver in the movie. Back in St. Louis, I read Find Me which is the sequel to Call Me By Your Name. It wasn’t as good as Call Me, but it was a nice follow-up to the characters.

I started Disobedience by Jane Hamilton on audio right after, and I finished it the following week during my drive back home. An absurd book with odd characters, which I enjoyed, and the first by Hamilton I’ve ever read.

I read Can You Ever Forgive Me by Lee Israel. I loved the movie with Melissa McCarthy and had been wanting to read the book ever since. Loved the book just as much as the movie.

I read Different Dances by Shel Silverstein, which is a collection of his adult work. I had no idea he did adult cartoons! Lots of nudity, sex, and just oddball stuff. I loved every page of it!

Movies and TV

We watched “Knives Out.” Wow!  Haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in ages. Everything about it was excellent! Watch it just to hear Daniel Craig and his thick country drawl. If you liked “Clue,” you’ll love this.

We enjoyed “Lost Girls,” a documentary-movie on Netflix about the real life Long Island Serial Killer.

We loved the third season of Ozark 3. They should give Laura Linney all the Emmys for Episode 9 alone!

Other Stuff

Our world really started falling apart about two weeks ago when “social distancing” became the norm, stores started selling out of hand sanitizer and toilet paper, and people started dying due to the outbreak. It’s an odd world right now, isn’t it?

I’m still working. I’m still writing. I’m still reading. I’m still living. Like all of us, I’m uncomfortable, but I’m trying not to stress and worry too much. That’s easier said than done, of course, but it is important to stay positive. Search for the “good” in each day and don’t give up.



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