February 2020 Recap


We judge a lot of things by how they end. Books. Movies. My life in February. It was a short month, so I’ll try to make this a short post. Even though it’s a leap year, February is still the shortest month of the year, but it didn’t feel like it. I’m so glad it’s over.

Here are the highlights:


We enjoyed Maleficent 2 and Doctor Sleep this month. I felt Maleficent 2 was better than the first one. And Doctor Sleep was a decent representation of the book, which I read several years ago when it first came out.


I finished Kate Mulgrew’s “How to Forget” on audio. She reads the book herself. It was excellent, a very heartfelt memoir about the death of her parents. I immediately started reading her second book, “Born With Teeth.”

I also finished Mo Rocca’s “Mobituaries.” You might know Mo from CBS Sunday Morning, and he also has a podcast called Mobituaries. The book is fun if you love history or odd stories.


It’s funny that this is a topic, but if you follow my blog you know why! I set up two new tanks this month to replace smaller ones. I shut down the bowl on my work desk and replaced it with the Fluval Spec 5 gallon. I also upgraded my endler tank to the Fluval Flex 15. Both are doing great!

I attempted to spawn my white cloud mountain minnows but have not seen any fry yet.  And I reset the old endler tank for some chili rasboras! More about these in another post.


The winter is rough when it comes to basic cable and shows being on hiatus, and there doesn’t seem to be much we’re enjoying on Netflix lately. I love Free Form’s “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” right now. We’re also watching “Picard” on CBS All Access. “Will and Grace” and “The Conners” are still staples for us each week. “Riverdale” is a guilty pleasure. But Edie Falco’s brand new show “Tommy” has been really good if you are looking for something new!  Oh, and “The Walking Dead” returned, and I have no idea why we are still watching it. It’s not very good anymore.


I started querying literary agents this month. I’ve sent out ten query letters so far, and have received four rejections which is perfectly okay. Getting a rejection is golden actually. It’s better than silence or getting no response at all.

I’ve also been writing and publishing a lot on Medium. You can read a few of my poems at the following links:

The Muse


How to Inhale

Other Stuff

My mother had a hip replacement last Wednesday. I’m starting March by heading home to stay with her and help with the first week of recovery. I pretty much have to go off the grid at her house in the country due to a poor cell signal and no Wifi, so I’m looking forward to some good family quality time, reading, and writing!



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