“Mississippi” Reset…Again

Last Monday I blogged about the 10 gallon tank I had reset for the Emerald Rasboras and Celestial Pearl Danios. I’ve nicknamed this tank “Mississippi.” Well, I just wasn’t happy with the set-up, and I thought it might need more plants since the fish kept hiding.

I removed some of the plants I had put in the tank that I didn’t like and replaced them with different ones that were a bit taller and thicker. I did that on Thursday of last week and was immediately happy with the results. I kept the wood pieces in the tank and most of the river stones too.

However, I decided I wanted to add some floating plants to give the fish even more cover. So, I bought some Frogbit on eBay last week and it arrived earlier than I expected. Here is a pic of how the tank looks now.


I fed the fish later in the day and could immediately tell a difference. They came out to eat and some of them swam up to the mid and upper levels of the tank. Success! I debated on getting a few corys for clean-up, but after what the corys did to the plants in the 36 gallon I decided to get some snails instead. So I made a trip to my LFS and added 4 new snails to the tank on Saturday.

The fish are much more visible now thanks to a change in plants.

So, what’s next for this tank? Not much in the near future. I am going to add some more Frogbit next week, but that’s it. I think I finally have it set like I want and I don’t want to do too much more for fear of stressing the fish. I just want them to thrive, and I want to see the plants thrive as well.

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