November is gone

I don’t have to remind you how quickly the holiday months go by. Normally, I compose a draft of this blog post and note things as they happen all month long. I didn’t have time to do that this month so I’ll have to remember everything on my own!  Other than my week of vacation and Thanksgiving, it was a pretty uneventful month though it still went by so fast like all the others. So here are the highlights:

-Finished Insatiable (It was crazy good!)
-Started watching Dragula (Not usually into drag queens, but this show is so campy it’s hard not to keep watching.)

Amazon and Other Movies
-Watched the final season of The Man In The High Castle (Hated the ending!)
-Watched the latest Spiderman movie (Not bad!)

We also said good-bye to Bluff City Law on regular TV. I loved that show, but I knew it wouldn’t last.  And a lot of our other basic shows wrapped up with their mid-Season finales.

-Finished A Prayer for Owen Meany on audio (Damn! What a great book!)
-Finished Elton John’s autobiography Me (Loved it!)

For my other monthly goals, it was a good month even with going out of town for 5 days to visit family during my vacation. I worked on my book manuscript every day except 2 days. I wrote in my journal every day except 4 days. I read poetry every day. I also wrote two poems of my own! And I read every day except one. I also set a new goal this month to put more focus on the blog here. I wrote a blog post every day except 8 days. That’s the best I’ve done all year!

Like I said, I visited my family in Tennessee the week before the holiday. It was a great visit with lots of time spent with Mom and helping her wrap gifts, put up her tree, and decorate.

I closed the month with a long holiday vacation of my own at home with a nice meal, some shopping, and decorating my own house. I treated myself to a new pre-lit tree this year thanks to seeing how easy it was to put up Mom’s pre-lit tree. It looks great!  I also spent a lot of time on the fish hobby, but I’ll blog more about that later next month.

The holidays are here!

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