The “Reelfoot” Tank

IMG_20191119_121801On Tuesday while doing water changes, I decided to give one of the ten-gallon tanks a bit of a makeover. I had room to add some pieces since I had removed the Mopani wood from this tank for the five-gallon tank.

So, I added the spider wood to it that I had originally bought for the five-gallon. I’m so glad I didn’t cut this piece of wood up. It fit the ten-gallon tank perfectly and looks just the way I wanted. I also added the two larger river stones that I had bought on Monday at Aqua World and some smaller stones from my garden. This left enough space for the longer piece of driftwood that has a plant growing on it. The driftwood was already in the tank.

I removed a lot of plants that weren’t doing so well, and I trimmed up some of the others. I also spread the Christmas moss around. There’s room for improvement with the plants, but that’s okay. This has been a learning experience for me since I first set the tank up in August. I rarely kept live plants back in the day in my fish tanks back home.

I’m nicknaming this tank “Reelfoot” after the lake near my home town that we have visited frequently throughout the years. I have a lot of fond memories of eating at the lake and walking out on the pier to see the wildlife. This tank is a fine representation of it.

The tank contains about a dozen white cloud mountain minnows that I brought in from the garden pond back in August. There are also two large gray cories, one white albino cory, and a tiny speckled cory. You can see one of the gray ones right up front at the bottom in front of the stone on the right, and if you look close you can see the tiny speckled one in the bottom left corner.

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