Not Another Nanotank?

2306484-Center-2I’ve mentioned in some of my recent posts how I’ve been thinking about setting up another tank. Well, it’s happening! My two current ten gallon tanks sit on tank stands that have shelves on the bottom that could be used for second tanks. So why not use them?!

I wanted something that was a different shape than my basic ten gallons, so I decided on the Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit. I love the shape of it and also that it’s taller since the tank will be closer to the floor. Reviews were mostly positive at Amazon. I was a bit hesitant at first so I did some more research online and even watched some YouTube videos out there about it. Yep, there’s videos for everything these days. Someone even filmed themselves un-boxing and setting up one of these tanks. It is the bestseller on Amazon though and has over 1,000 reviews. Anyway, it was the price that also attracted me. It’s just $47.80! I’m starting with one, but will probably get a second one to go below my other tank.

sparkling-gouramiNow, what am I going to put in it? I mentioned pygmy gouramis in my last post so I’m thinking about a few of those. I’ve become obsessed with this fish ever since I saw it in my local tropical pet store last weekend. I’d never seen them before and I’ve always loved gouramis.  They are also called sparkling gouramis or croaking gouramis because they actually make noise sometimes.

I’m going to set up this first tank with some spider wood and a few stones. I’m also going to experiment with plant substrate instead of gravel. That means I get to go shopping for more plants!  And all of this means there will be more blog posts to come about this new tank! Thanks for reading!


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