Aquascape Complete

Lots of exciting stuff happening this weekend, especially today! I made a trip to the pet store for shrimp. I really wanted two cherry red shrimp and two blue velvets, but the blue ones look brown when they are on dark substrate. Since I had put black pebbles in the container, I knew they wouldn’t be a good fit.

Instead, I got two cherry reds, a yellow one, and two that are red and white. I call them peppermints. The LED light that I bought on Amazon also arrived today. It clamps nicely to the side of the plant stand and is perfect.

I’m really pleased with my first aquascape and hope the shrimp do well. A guppy fry also somehow made it into the bag so he’s in there too.

The bowl that I shared a pic of yesterday will be going to work with me tomorrow. I won’t be adding any fish to it just yet because I’m going to be on vacation in a week. I’m still debating on what to put in it, but anxious to see how it looks on my desk.

I’m hooked though and already looking at a new set up to add to my fish room in the basement!

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