Setting Up an Aquascape – Part 2

woodI should call this post “Waiting and Soaking.”

I wanted to buy some real driftwood for my aquascape so I purchased this Mopani Wood piece from  For the price, it was perfect…except that it was too big to fit in the bowl! No worries….I just cut it into two pieces to make it fit.

However, the wood is untreated which means you have to soak it in water to remove any tannins. That shouldn’t take long, right?

Well, today is Day 6 of soaking! Yesterday, I even switched to soaking it in hot water to speed up the process after learning that you can boil the wood for several hours to speed things along. I don’t have an old pot to boil it in so I’m soaking it instead, and I’m up to changing the water about three times a day. It’s still turning brown each time.

So, I won’t be setting up the aquascape bowl this week I’m afraid. Maybe the soaking (and waiting) will wrap up this weekend.

Next up…plants…which I’ve already bought. They are just waiting too.




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