New Tunes – Orville Peck

I’ve been listening to Orville Peck lately. I got obsessed thanks to an Instagram friend who posted pics of his plans to go as Orville for Halloween. Then, Peck was here last month in concert and my friend posted photos from that. He even hung out after the show and got a pic with him! I’d never heard of him. I was curious about the masked man, so I Googled him and started listening, and I was hooked!

I grew up on classic country because that’s what my family listened to, so his heavy Cash-like twang captured my heart immediately. Dude can sing! Add in the homosexual themes of his lyrics (and his music videos) and I’m a fan.


I’ve always rooted for anyone who wasn’t afraid to reinvent themselves and stand out loud and proud. I think part of me always wished I could do that in some way. Jim Bailey, Liberace, kd lang, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Ru Paul, Pet Shop Boys, Divo, Lady Gaga…add Orville to the list!

I bought his debut album, Pony, on vinyl even and can’t stop listening! Check him out!

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