October is gone

October was another fly-by month gone in a flash! It started with warm sunny weather. We were wondering when the leaves might start changing. But then the month ended with rain, wind, and some snow flurries on Halloween! I’ve already had to pull out my winter coat and will probably spend the first weekend of November switching out my wardrobe.

My family made their annual October visit early in the month which is always fun. It included our traditional trip to a few farmers markets. We also checked out the new Ferris wheel in downtown St. Louis.

Here’s some other things that happened in October:

We finished The Politician on Netflix. What a fun show! Reminded me of Insatiable a bit as far as being a dark teen comedy. Speaking of, we started the 2nd season of Insatiable.

We also watched Living with Myself with Paul Rudd, another dark comedy and some of the best writing I’ve seen on TV in a long time!

In books, I finished A Piece of the World on audio. It was okay. I started A Prayer for Owen Meany on audio, a great book that’s been on my reading list for too long.

I finished reading Stephen King’s The Institute. Also, just okay for me. Not one of his best, but not his worst. I started reading Elton John’s new bio, Me, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. I read every day in October except for just 2 days.

I didn’t complete any poems of my own in October, but I did read a poem a day for every day except 3. I finished the book of poems I’d been using as my daily devotion and made a trip to the bookstore to pick out another one late in the month.

I worked on my own book every day this month except 1 day. Still hoping to get this draft done by the end of the year! I’m 67K in and I’m shooting for 80K.

I spent a lot of time writing and doodling in my journal this month which was fun. You can check out some of my cartoon drawings on my Instagram page.  I’m going to add journaling to my daily check list goals for next year just to try to keep myself on task to do it more often.  I’m also thinking about adding blogging to that list, even if it’s just micro blogging. I’m terrible at blogging as of the last few years. This year is proof since these Hello Good-bye posts are about the only thing I’ve stayed loyal to this year.

And that was my October!

I have a week of vacation coming up in 3 weeks, and then it will be Thanksgiving!




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