Fun File Folders

Does anyone else out there have an unhealthy   obsession with office supplies? Ink pens, journals, post-its, you name it, I get excited just walking down the office supply aisle in any store. My favorite ink pens are R2 INC .7mm rollerballs which you can get in a two pack at Dollar General in my area!

Recently, I wanted some fun file folders to use to get my desk organized. I wanted one for information I collect for my current work in progress, as well as other files for my completed poems or drafts of manuscripts.

71z1zvfylLL._SX679_I chose these Molly and Rex Vintage Camera File Folders. You get a 10 pack for around $20. I love them because they are glossy and very thick. They even come with cute file stickers that include some blank ones so you can write on them. I had to write in one for poetry, but used the label “Inspiration” for another. I haven’t filled all 10 yet, but I’m already looking at some other designs from the same company like these record player folders.

s-l1000Yeah, it’ll be awhile before I fill 10 folders, much less have enough stuff to fill 20, but do you think I only buy one ink pen at a time?

We live in such a digital world these days, myself included. It’s nice to print one of my completed poems and put it in the file folder and see the folder grow with my art and my writing. It’s something to physically hold. It makes it real, for me at least.

What’s some of your guilty favorite office supply pleasures?


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