Week 1 Socks!

Yesterday I blogged about some of my goals for the new year and how I’m not really considering them resolutions. I wanted to follow up today with another post about that and the progress I’ve made this week. This is more or less a check list for myself as the first week of the new year draws to a close. Call it a progress report if you want.

On my lunch break yesterday, I went to a nearby Dollar General store because I needed more tissues (I’ve been sick with bronchitis since the weekend before Christmas). I decided to check out their mens socks and found a pack of 6 pair of mens white crew socks by Gildan for just $5.95. That’s less than $1 per pair before tax, so I bought a pack.

I was really excited about this and did some quick math. I get paid every two weeks. If I bought just one pack of these each pay day that’s about $155 and 156 pair of socks for a year. There will definitely be some weeks where I buy more than one pack though, so this is good!

In my blog post yesterday, I also mentioned that I’m working on collecting items for my local community animal shelter. I’m an Amazon Vine member which means I have access to select free products that I can get in exchange for an honest review. The items vary each week, but this week I got very lucky in regards to items I could get for the shelter. Here’s what I got:

*1 puppy play pen

*1 pack of flea collars

*2 boxes of latex examination gloves

*1 pack of wash cloths

I have to buy groceries this weekend so I thought I’d also pick up some other items for them like paper towels and cleaning supplies.

And that’s it for the week. Once my bills are paid and groceries bought, if I have money left over I’ll probably pick up a few more packs of socks next week. Still not sure yet which local shelter I’m going to give them to, but I’ll find one soon. I’ll also drop off my first donation to the shelter next week once everything arrives!

How’s your year going so far?

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