Elevation by Stephen King

ElevationElevation by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was kind of mad to find this book was so small. I still think King could have just put it in another short story collection with three or four other stories and most fans would have been fine with that. But wow! What a great little story this turned out to be. I was a bit teary eyed at the end.

Scott Carey has an odd disease that is causing him to lose weight on the scale, but his physical size remains unchanged. Add to it that his clothes and any other thing he’s holding or has in his pockets that should add weight to the scale doesn’t. And he’s losing more weight every day. Couple this with a conflict between Scott and the town vs. a lesbian couple who move to Castle Rock and open a restaurant that is struggling to stay afloat. King redeemed himself here. In the past, he has not been so nice to gay characters.

King has always had a way of creating odd characters that you care about. He also tends to skip the “why” or “how” and makes the reader just accept things for what they are. He wasn’t always like that, but I’ve really enjoyed his writing the last decade or so (post getting hit by a car) where his characters are faced with odd situations and they either find a way out or they don’t. We don’t necessarily need a reason, we just need a nice resolution. And that’s what he gives you with “Elevation.”

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