One More End-of-Year Look

On the 18th, I did a recap of all my savings accounts, coupon apps, and such. Here’s where I stood:

Money Market $67.89
iBotta $53.99
Receipt Hog $38
Stash $88.31
Inbox $21.80
Credit Union $10.03
Savings $15.00

Total $295.02

Believe it or not, I’ve had some activity since then so I thought I’d do another recap just to close out the month.

Money Market $67.89 – I’ve already scheduled my entire year of transfers next year, one for each paycheck and I’m increasing them to $40 next year instead of $30.

iBotta $59.72 – I’m really happy about all the deals and bonuses I took advantage of in December. Gonna try to make this a big focus next year. No plans to cash this account anytime soon. It’ll be a fun savings account for 2018!

Receipt Hog $39.00 – I’m just 128 points away from $40! That’s a big deal. It takes a long time to rack up points on this app. If there’s no level after $40 I’ll probably cash it out by the end of January, put that money somewhere, and start over.

Stash $98.46 – I’m still only doing $5 a week, but I’ve had a $3.54 return since I started.

Inbox $27.02 – I posted about this one on Wednesday. I reached the $30 minimum over the holiday and cashed out. They take $3 for a service fee but give you $3 in your account toward your next goal. So I have $3.02 in my account now and a check on the way for $27.02. I’ll probably deposit the check into my credit union account.

Credit Union $15.03 – I transferred another $5 to this account just for the heck of it.

Savings $30.00 – This account is with my main bank and actually consists of a savings and money market combined – each has $15 in it now. I set automatic deposits for all of next year in the amounts of $5 per week. That’s $20 a month, $40 for both accounts combined.

Total: $337.12 – So that’s an increase of $42.10 in just 9 days. Not bad.

What are you savings goals for 2018? What fun apps or survey sites do you enjoy perks from? See you next year!

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